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About the Associated Students of UCSD (ASUCSD)

The Associated Students of the University of California, San Diego are the elected and appointed representatives of the UC San Diego student body. The ASUCSD works to promote student engagement through its services and leadership opportunities. The ASUCSD seeks to foster a cohesive community through active interaction and communication with students, the administration, and the greater San Diego Community. Our mission is to facilitate and encourage students to grow and develop through their involvement in student government, its services and auxiliaries. We promote student engagement in all areas of campus life through leadership, advocacy, and service in order to build and strengthen our community.

Thank you for your interest in the Associated Students and good luck!
Triton love,
Meggie Le
AS President 2012-2013

About the Senior AVP Student Advocacy

The Office of Student Advocacy exists to inform, advise and represent individual students experiencing academic or administrative conflicts with the University, as well as to pursue broader issues of student rights affecting large classes of students.


  • Advises and represents students on a variety of issues, including: Grading disputes and grade appeals; Conduct violations such as academic dishonesty charges and violations of UCSD Student Conduct Code; Administrative and procedural problems such as difficulties in securing transcripts; Housing, health and welfare such as problems with University housing; Financial aid such as problems with eligibility, grants, loans, and delays; Discrimination and harassment
  • The broad student rights concerns that the Office pursues includes: Policy review such as encouraging and participating in the rewriting of University policies affecting students; Policy enforcement and education; Student power by working to attain true student input in the formulation of campus policies and procedures
  • Train, maintain, and oversee a team of Student Advocates that shall advise and represent students in University hearings
  • Organize, plan and execute at least one “Know Your Rights” campaign with the purpose of educating students on their rights
  • Attend all AS Council meetings (Every Wednesday beginning at 3:00pm) to provide regular updates to the Council regarding events as well as regular meetings with the President


    If you have any questions please email or call at 7609726337.

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