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About the Associated Students of UCSD (ASUCSD)

The Associated Students of the University of California, San Diego are the elected and appointed representatives of the UC San Diego student body. The ASUCSD works to promote student engagement through its services and leadership opportunities. The ASUCSD seeks to foster a cohesive community through active interaction and communication with students, the administration, and the greater San Diego Community. Our mission is to facilitate and encourage students to grow and develop through their involvement in student government, its services and auxiliaries. We promote student engagement in all areas of campus life through leadership, advocacy, and service in order to build and strengthen our community. The Office of Finance & Resources (OFR) manages the allocation of all ASUCSD funds and provides regular analysis to ensure organizational sustainability. In addition, the OFR ensures that all ASUCSD funds are utilized in compliance with all relevant policies and guidelines, including but not limited to UC San Diego and UC-wide policies. The OFR will advise ASUCSD on all financial matters and act as a check to ensure ASUCSD is being financially responsible. The OFR will oversee all legislation proposed by ASUCSD, if that legislation should include a financial aspect. The primary components of the OFR are the Office of Student Organizations and the Office of Enterprises and Services. The OFR will be directed by the Financial Controller.

About the Financial Controller

It is the duty of the Financial Controller to ensure the successful implementation of the mission of the OFR, including the guidelines laid out in Title V of the ASUCSD Standing Rules, the AS Constitution, and any other relevant rules and regulations. As the director of the OFR, it is the responsibility of the Financial Controller to perform various tasks pertaining to budget management, financial analysis, regular reporting to the AS Council, and more. The Financial Controller shall prepare both the Summer Budget and the Fall Revise and assist the ASUCSD President in presenting these budgets to the AS Council in accordance with the Standing Rules. These budgets shall be prepared with consideration of the both budget proposals from the various Offices and Commissions as well as independent research conducted by the Controller and the Office of Finance and Resources The Controller shall maintain a clear line of communication with Student Life Business Operations (SLBO), including but not limited to the MSO and Financial Analyst Supervisor. The Controller will be expected to assist the SLBO in interpreting and enforcing the budgetary recommendations laid out in the ASUCSD Summer and Executive Budgets, and will solicit regular reports from SLBO. Additionally, the Controller shall ensure that SLBO and ASUCSD financial practices are compatible and useful for both entities in ensuring the appropriate allocation of AS funds. As a member of the ASUCSD Council, the Financial Controller will be expected to provide regular reports detailing the expenditures and financial position of ASUCSD. This includes, but is not limited to, detailing student organization programming and travel expenditures, expenditures on office-specific programs and events, and the state of the Mandate Reserves. While the SLBO will provide some information on these expenditures, the Controller is encouraging to direct the Office of Finance and Resources towards conducting independent research as well. Finally, the Controller shall perform any other task deemed necessary or beneficial towards the execution of the Office of Finance and Resources mission, the responsibilities outlined in the Standing Rules, the priorities of the ASUCSD Council, or any other legitimate source, to be decided at the discretion of the Council and its Executive Officers.


  • Preparation and presentation of the Summer Budget and Fall Revise
  • Communication and collaboration with Student Life Business Operations (SLBO)
  • Ensure compliance with relevant policies and procedures, including UC-wide referendum policies and UCSD student fee policies
  • Maintain proper tracking of all AS expenditures, including student organization funding and office-specific programs
  • Report to the Council any pertinent information relating to the ASUCSD financial position, resource availability, and reserve levels of the organization
  • Oversee Office of Enterprise and Services
  • Oversee Office of Student Organizations
  • Knowledge and skill in applying organization and management theories, budget and cost analysis.
  • Ability to investigate, analyze, and compile financial and budgetary data and to develop, evaluate and implement sound budget recommendations.
  • Ability to anticipate and analyze ASUCSD issues, and possess skill to identify and provide recommended solutions based on sound financial information.
  • Knowledge of general accounting principles and practices, including but not limited to GAAP.


  • Applications will be due by Wednesday, April 26th at 11:59pm. Completed applications may be submitted online using this form. Upon submission of the application you will be contacted to sign up for an interview. If you have any questions please email AS Financial Controller Justin Pennish with any questions at

If you have any questions please email or call at 415-302-2264.

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