Important Dates (scroll down to see the positions)

  • Monday, February 23 @ 10am - Candidate and Slate filing begins

  • Thursday, March 5 @ 12:00 noon - Candidate and Slate filing ends

  • Thursday, March 5 @ 8:00pm - Mandatory Candidates Meeting in the PC Forum

  • Thursday, March 5 after Candidate's Meeting - Election Campaigning Begins

  • TDB: Judicial Board Hearings, Week 1

  • TBD: Elections Committee Hearings, Week 1

  • TDB: Judicial Board Hearings, Week 2

  • TBD: Elections Committee Hearings, Week 2

  • TBD Debates

  • Monday, April 6- Friday April 10: A.S. General Elections

  • April 10 @ 4:00pm  Polls Close

  • April 10 @ 4:00pm  Election Campaigning Ends

  • April 10 @ 4:00pm  Judicial Board Hearing

  • April 10 @ 4:00pm  Elections Committee Hearing

  • April 10 @ 5:30pm  Election Results @ Round Table (Rain or Shine)
Questions? Please contact the AS Elections Manager Ryan Huyler at

Advocate General Office Hours during winter quarter:

During Winter Quarter, these office hours will be
Tuesdays 1:00-2:30pm - 4th floor of PC East.
Alternatively the AS Elections Manager can be reached at

The Positions

Associated Students

Election Information
Vice President Campus Affairs
Vice President External Affairs
Arts and Humanities Senator
Biological Sciences Senator
Engineering Senator
Physical Sciences Senator
Social Sciences Senator
Campus-wide Senator (8)


Vice Chair Internal
Vice Chair Finance
Vice Chair External
Director of Public Relations
Director of Programming
Director of Administration
Student at Large - Justice Advocate
Student at Large - Imagination Advocate
AS Senator (2)


Vice President of External Affairs
Vice President of Administrative Affairs
Vice President of Finance
Vice President of Public Relations
Vice President of Internal Affairs
Student Organization Ambassadors (2)
AS Senator (2)


Vice President Internal
Director of Finance
Director of Administration
Vice President External
Director of Special Events
Revelle Organization Committee (ROC) Chair
Commuter Representative
Senior Representative
Junior Representative
Sophomore Representative
Director of Enterprises
AS Senator (2)
Director of Student Services


Vice President External
Vice President Internal
Senior Representative
Junior Representative
Sophomore Representative
Commuter Representative (2)
Apartment Representative (2)
Diversity Coordinator
At Large Representative
AS Senator (2)


Vice President Internal
Vice President Finance
Vice President Programming
Vice President External
Second Year Senator
Third Year Senator
Fourth Year Senator
Transfer Student Senator
Commuter Student Senator
AS Senator (2)


Vice President Internal
Vice President External
Events Board Chair
Student at Large
Commuter at Large
Transfer at Large
AS Senator (2)
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