Click here for 2016 Election Results!

Click here for 2016 ICA Activity Fee Referendum Results!

Read abou the Muir Referendum here.

Click here to View the Candidate List

Candidate Filing is Open on Feb 27, 2017. Click here to Submit your Candidate Filing Online

Slate Registration is Open on Feb 27, 2017. Click here to Register your Slate Online


  • 2/27 noon - 3/9 noon: Election Applications Available
  • 3/9 noon: Online Filing Closes and Elections Applications Due to A.S. Reception Desk or AS Elections Manager
  • 3/9 noon: Proxy Forms Due.
  • 3/9 8pm: Mandatory Candidates Meeting at Forum- 4th Floor PC East. Candidate Photos taken here.
  • 3/9 after candidates meeting finishes: Election Campaigning Begins
  • Monday 4/3 @ 5 PM Election Committee Hearing
  • Wednesday 4/5 @ 5 PM Election Committee Hearing
  • 4/10-4/14 A.S. General Elections (Polls close at 4pm on Friday)
  • Wednesday 4/12 @ 5 PM Election Committee Hearing
  • 4/14 4pm: Election Campaigning Ends
  • 4/14 5:30pm: A.S. Election 2017 Results at Round Table Pizza - 5:30 pm Come join us and celebrate the winners of the 2017 A.S. Elections.

Election Manager Office Hours during winter quarter:

During Winter Quarter, these office hours will be
- Tuesdays 6 PM - 8 PM
- Wednesdays 5 PM - 7 PM
- Or by appointment
Alternatively the AS Elections Manager can be reached at

Spring Office Hours will be posted in the Spring Quarter.

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