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During Winter Quarter, these office hours will be
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ICA Activity Fee Increase Referendum - Voting May 16-20, 2016

Voting will take place via Tritonlink: from May 16th to May 20th, and shall begin at 10:00 AM on the first day of voting and continue until 4:00 PM on the last day of voting. Any student or student organization may submit a request to the Elections Committee to write Pro or Con statements, which shall be written in accordance with the Associated Students Association Standing Rules and Constitution. All correspondence sent to students regarding the referendum must include the phrase "VOTE AT TRITONLINK.UCSD.EDU". To be effective, the fee referendum must be approved by a simple majority of votes to approve, with no less than 20% of eligible votes cast. The referendum shall not be approved if there are more votes cast to abstain than votes cast to approve. The proposed voting criteria are in full compliance with the Constitution of the Associated Students, and applicable student fee policies described in Section 18.00 of the UCSD Policies and Procedures Applying to Student Activities.

ICA Activity Fee Increase Referendum

Do you support an increase in the Intercollegiate Athletics (ICA) fee to move UCSD Intercollegiate Athletics from the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division II to Division I in the Big West Conference?

This fee increase would enable UCSD Intercollegiate Athletics teams to compete with academically comparable institutions and meet NCAA financial and grants-in-aid requirements for NCAA Division I athletics.

If UCSD receives an invitation to join the Big West Conference, the fee increase will be phased in over a three-year period commencing in the fall quarter. For example, if UCSD receives an invitation in June 2016, the first phase of the fee increase would be fall 2016. If an invitation is received in November 2016, the first phase of the fee increase would be fall 2017.

If UCSD does not receive an invitation to join the Big West Conference by September 15, 2018, this fee increase will not be assessed and results of this referendum will become null and void.

The existing ICA fee is $129.38 per quarter per student. The ICA fee shall be adjusted annually according to the California Consumer Price Index (CPI) and shall not exceed a 3% annual adjustment.

The table below identifies the annual increases in the ICA fee per student per quarter.

Fee Increase Per Student Per Quarter Existing Fee Per Student Per Quarter Total Fee Per Student Per Quarter
Current year$0$129.38$129.38
Year 1$60$129.38$189.38
Year 2$55$189.38$244.38
Year 3$45$244.38$289.38

As the table above details, in year one the existing ICA fee would increase $60 to $189.38 per student per quarter plus CPI adjustments. In year two the existing ICA fee would increase by $55 to $244.38 per student per quarter plus CPI adjustments. In year three the existing ICA fee would increase by $45 to $289.38 per student per quarter plus CPI adjustments.

29% of the ICA fee increase will return to UCSD to help meet the financial aid needs of undergraduate students.

Consistent with the existing fee, 50% of the full Spring quarter fee will be assessed if a student attends one summer session. 100% of the full Spring quarter fee will be assessed if a student attends two or more summer sessions

Statement of Conditions:

  1. This fee will be included in the determination of financial aid.
  2. Annual budget reports will be made public and provided to all UCSD Student Governments.
  3. Modifications to this fee may not be made without a subsequent student referendum held in accordance with the appropriate student governmental and University policies unless other means are explicitly provided in this ballot language.
Pro Statement Con Statement
Vote Yes on the ICA Activity Fee Referendum
Vote No on the ICA Activity Fee Referendum
The NCAA Division I referendum is an opportunity for our generation of UCSD students to extend a culture of excellence & positively affect every person who has & will call themselves a Triton.

D1 not only raises our athletic teams but delivers a range of benefits to the campus & average student. It aligns us with like institutions  premier comprehensive universities, globally recognized for broad-based excellence.

That link immediately improves UCSDs branding through visibility, awareness & media. It grows our brand by leveraging the brand of those with which we compete  think Stanford, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Harvard (all D1). Currently, our brand is well-known only to a narrow, elite segment of the population. How many times have you had our school mistaken for SDSU or USD? Improved brand recognition strengthens the value of our degrees when looking for jobs, networking & negotiating starting salaries.

D1 can also be part of developing prestige & national ratings. In U.S. News & World Report rankings, UCSD is graded poorly in categories of social life, student satisfaction & alumni engagement. Impact of D1 in those areas would be positive. D1 provides a platform to unify campus, create a sense of pride & belonging while breaking the silo culture. Shared experiences & emotional connection while on campus lead to alumni engagement when you graduate. In Feb., the UCSD Alumni Board unanimously passed a resolution in support of D1. Bottom line, D1 will be a game-changer for UCSD & unlock the latent potential of an academic & economic powerhouse, still acknowledged as a sleeping giant. It brings the community closer to campus & is the next step in the evolution of becoming what our founders envisioned as one of the worlds most influential public institutions.
We as students should vote NO on a move to D-1 as local brand, financial burdens and lack of oversight on recruitment practices hinder UCSDs commitment to students

UCSD has FAILED to recognize OUR own club sports such as Rugby, Volleyball, Dragon boat, Triathlon and many others and their accomplishments. Their marketing has FAILED to give OUR club student athletes the recognition they deserve and a move to D-1 will IGNORE the needs and accomplishments of our fellow Tritons.

The complete implementation of the D1 referendum would be $868.14 EVERY YEAR! This means future admitted students will have to PAY for this fee and could DETER students from choosing or even staying at UC San Diego. About 40% of students who do NOT receive FULL aid will have to pay the WHOLE fee increase every year!

According to the D1 Fact Finding Sheet about 27% of this fee will go to an INCREASE in assistant/head coach and new staff position salaries approximating $2,697,000. With this money you could increase the amount of student athlete scholarships, so why are they using OUR student fees to PAY for THEIR salaries? There is LITTLE oversight or statistics on recruitment practices to INCREASE diversity in our athletic teams. Creating a Chancellors Advisory Committee AFTER the referendum is passed is NOT how you create transparency or accountability on the usage of our fees.

This past Winter our fees increased by $14.92 per Quarter starting in Fall. Can you afford ANOTHER increase?

Vote NO on D-1!
Rebuttal To Pro Statement Rebuttal To Con Statement
Improving our local brand does NOT come from athletics, but from UCSDs efforts to integrate itself into the San Diego Community. UCSD has FAILED to successfully market itself to the larger SD region with its athletics.

Its NOT the STUDENTS responsibility to make up for the ATHLETIC Departments FAILURE.

Alumni do NOT pay for YOUR TUITION! Their opinions should NOT decide where OUR student fees should be going towards.

CHANGING campus culture does NOT come from THROWING MONEY at it!

Vote NO!
Instead of focusing on random alleged downsides to D1, this is a moment to take a hard look at the future UCSD & how it works for us. Its a big picture play, a time for long term decision-making.

Alignment with top comprehensive institutions, a strengthened UCSD brand, more alumni/community engagement, better student experience & rankings? Do we sit on our laurels or dare to be greater?

This is not about athletics but utilizing an asset with difference-making capabilities. Financial consideration? Certainly. With things of value there usually are. D1 is about being the best that we can be.
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