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Term CodeSubject CodeCourse CodeCourse TitleInstructorGPAABCDFWPNP 
SP13ENG 100A Team Engineering Tu, Charles 3.39527.5%72.5%0%0%0%0%0%0%View
SP13TDAC1Introduction to Acting Walsh, Kim C. 3.75371.6%15.7%1%0%0%1%9.8%1%View
SP13TDAC102Acting II Salovey, Todd 3.8281%14.3%0%0%0%0%4.8%0%View
SP13TDDR101Stage Management Porter, Lisa 3.81181%4.8%4.8%0%0%0%9.5%0%View
SP13TDGE11Great Performances on Film Moshy, Summer Neilson 3.60265.2%21.2%2%0.5%1%1.5%6.6%1%View
SP13TDGE25Public Speaking Barnes, Eva E 3.75665.9%13.2%0%0%1.1%1.1%16.5%1.1%View
SP13TDHT23Twentieth-Century Theatre Rouse, John Samuel 3.32346.9%32.7%4.1%2%2%4.1%6.1%2%View
SP13TDHT114American Musical Theatre Adler, Steven 3.51451.3%41%0%0%0%2.6%5.1%0%View
SP13TDMV1Beginning Ballet Valerdi, Natalia 3.9478.3%5%0%0%0%5%11.7%0%View
SP13TDMV2Beginning Contemporary Dance Geiger, Eric 3.57970.8%0%0%0%8.3%0%8.3%0%View
SP13TDMV2Beginning Contemporary Dance Wilson, Terry A. 3.83591.4%5.7%0%0%0%2.9%0%0%View
SP13TDMV2Beginning Contemporary Dance Clancy, Liam 3.9585.7%0%0%0%0%4.8%9.5%0%View
SP13TDMV3Beginning Jazz Rincon, Alicia 3.85775%0%0%0%0%7.1%17.9%0%View
SP13TDMV3Beginning Jazz Rincon, Patricia A. 3.95487.1%3.2%0%0%0%3.2%6.5%0%View
SP13TDMV3Beginning Jazz Arcidiacono, Kristin 3.91185.7%10.7%0%0%0%0%3.6%0%View
SP13TDMV11Theatrical Tap Sorensen, Jonathan Kyle 3.74873.3%16.7%0%0%0%3.3%6.7%0%View
SP13TDMV110Intermediate Ballet Sharp, Judith A Emile 3.8182.1%5.4%0%0%0%3.6%8.9%0%View
SP13TDMV120Intermediate Contemp Dance Rincon, Patricia A. 3.969100%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%View
SP13TDMV138Hip Hop Snaith, Yolande 3.90687.9%6.1%0%0%0%0%6.1%0%View
SP13TDMV141Adv Dances of the World Caligagan, Tony 3.83278.6%10.7%0%0%0%3.6%3.6%0%View
SP13TDMV142Latin Dance of the World Caligagan, Maria T. 3.86378.7%9.6%0%0%0%1.1%10.6%0%View
SP13TDMV143West African Dance Foster-King, Sandra 3.85384.2%5.3%0%0%0%0%10.5%0%View
SP13TDPR6Theatre Practicum Guirguis, Mark C 3.8688.9%5.6%2.8%0%0%2.8%0%0%View
SP13TDPW1Introduction to Playwriting Shank, Adele Edling 3.82475%11.8%0%0%0%0%13.2%0%View
SP13TDTR10Introduction to Dance Wilson, Terry A. 3.67575%12.5%2.1%2.1%0%2.1%6.3%0%View
SP13TWS 25Third World Literatures Rahimi, Babak 3.62937.4%10.4%2.6%0.9%0%2.6%44.3%0%View
SP13USP 3City and Social Theory Martin, Isaac 3.05622.5%54.9%7.8%2%1%1%9.8%1%View
SP13USP 147Case Studies/Hlth Care/Poor Lewis, Leslie R 3.31926.7%51.9%2.2%0%0%3.7%14.1%0.7%View
SP13USP 171Sustainable Development Herzog, Lawrence 3.54862.7%26.9%4.5%0%0%3%3%0%View
SP13USP 173History/Urban Planning&Design Bussell, Mirle Rabinowitz 3.4764.4%18.6%6.8%1.7%3.4%3.4%1.7%0%View
SP13USP 177Urban Design Practicum Peerson, Susan 3.78690.9%9.1%0%0%0%0%0%0%View
SP13USP 181Public Transportation Curcio, Paul David 3.76871.4%28.6%0%0%0%0%0%0%View
SP13USP 191GIS for Urban & Community PlanWartell, Julie Dara 2.86325%50%10%5%5%5%0%0%View
SP13VIS 3Intr/Art-Making:3-D Practices Gregoire, Mathieu 3.64560.2%18.6%1.9%1.2%0%4.3%11.8%1.2%View
SP13VIS 20Introduction to Art History Woods, Ann 3.23337.2%25.1%7.2%1.9%1.9%9.7%15.5%1%View
SP13VIS 40Introduction/Computing in ArtsStalbaum, Brett 3.41627.3%27.3%2.3%0%0%15.9%27.3%0%View
SP13VIS 60Intro/Digital Photography Anderson, Shane Nicholas 3.55253.3%18.1%5.7%1%0%1%21%0%View
SP13VIS 105A Drawing: Representing/Subject Miller, Allison M 3.69679.3%13.8%0%0%0%0%6.9%0%View
SP13VIS 106A Painting: Image Making Bryan, Edgar J 3.99100%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%View
SP13VIS 106B Painting: Practices and Genre Bryan, Edgar J 486.4%0%0%0%0%4.5%9.1%0%View
SP13VIS 107A Sculpture: Making the Object Johnson, Jay 3.85583.3%8.3%0%0%0%4.2%4.2%0%View
SP13VIS 120B Roman Art Nodelman, Sheldon A. 2.68618.2%24.2%9.1%9.1%3%3%27.3%6.1%View
SP13VIS 121B Castles,Cathedrals & Cities Tronzo, William 3.6960.2%19.4%0%0%0%4.9%14.6%0%View
SP13VIS 124CNNineteenth Century Art Holland, Nicole Murphy 3.71869.8%11.3%3.8%0%0%1.9%11.3%0%View
SP13VIS 127N 20th Century Art/China & JapanBryson, William N 3.11127.3%30.9%5.5%0.9%2.7%6.4%24.5%1.8%View
SP13VIS 140Digtl Imaging:Image&InteractivBratton, Benjamin H. 3.26440.7%40.7%7.4%0%3.7%7.4%0%0%View
SP13VIS 155The Director Series Gorin, Jean-Pierre 3.19134%36.1%11.3%1%1%4.1%10.3%1%View
SP13VIS 164Photographic Strategies Anderson, Shane Nicholas 3.39139.1%52.2%4.3%0%0%4.3%0%0%View
SP13VIS 171Digital Cinema-Theory/ProductnCornish, Tracy 3.33243.5%39.1%13%0%0%4.3%0%0%View
SP13VIS 178Sound - Theory and Production Trigilio, Michael 2.99144%20%20%4%4%4%4%0%View
SP13VIS 180B Fic & Allegory/Curr Media PracLertxundi, Laida 3.58360.9%39.1%0%0%0%0%0%0%View
SP13VIS 183A Strategies of Self O'Daniel, Alison C 3.72279.2%16.7%0%0%0%4.2%0%0%View
SP13VIS 183B Strategies of Alterity Lertxundi, Laida 3.7981%14.3%0%0%0%4.8%0%0%View
SP13WCWP 10B The Writing Course B Adler, Steven 3.13221.6%68.5%7.2%0%0.7%1.6%0%0%View
SP13WCWP 10A The Writing Course A Adler, Steven 2.90416.7%65.4%11.5%1.3%2.6%2.6%0%0%View
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