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Joey GiltnerCampus-Wide Senator2014-10-23Meet YOUR Associated Students (A.S.) Campus-Wide SenatorsThis event is tailored to expose new freshman and transfers, as well as even other students on campus to be exposed to and get to know the Campus-Wide Senators who represent them on the Associated Students UCSD council floor. This would be a great bouncing board to hear from students what they feel needs a change on campus, and begin the conversation on making this campus the best it can be for everyone.View
Rushil Patel, Salman Alrashed, Demi Mundo, Kim Hong, and Angie AguilarAcademic Senators 2014-11-20Fall for Your Academic SenatorsTo increase visibility of our positions and to reach out to our constituents while mingling and having fun with the students. View
Sierra DonaldsonPhysical Sciences Senator 3/10/14Evolving Role of Women in Physical SciencesThe goal of the event is to provide historical context and personal experiences to fuel dialogue on how to encourage and empower women in physical sciences for the future. -The event included a short presentation on the recent history of women in physical sciences, their contributions, and their representation. -The event featured an interactive panel that spoke about their personal experiences and what they think are the most important steps to get more women into physical sciences. -The event was catered by the Food Co-op View
Colin King and Fifi AkelSocial Sciences Senator and Campus-Wide Senator2014-05-01Changing Campus ID CardsTo change student IDs to increase school spirit. View
Emalie Chandras, Jerry NarezCampus- Wide Senator, Engineering Senator2014-04-15Love Your Own BodyFocused on education regarding eating disorders and promoting a healthy body image, Love Your Own Body encouraged students to highlight something they love about their own body through photographs which will be posted around campus to remind everyone that nothing fits better than your own skin. You are your own perfect fit.View
Marco VasquezRevelle Senator2014-04-04Associated Students/Revelle College Council NewsletterThe purpose and month-to-month actions of Associated Students and Revelle College Council are not well known by the average UCSD student. As a result, I contacted AS Graphic Students to collaborate on newsletters in the form of quartersheets to be handed out to students. My goals with this Senator project include: increase transparency of Associated Students and Revelle College Council, inform students about the roles of each organization, educate students about the activities of both organizations in January, February, and March, and provide outlets to get more involved.View
Colin KingSocial Sciences Senator2014-04-18Smalltalk, Handshakes, and ActionIt was a spoken word performance by Guante that focused on deconstructing gender and fighting sexual assault. View
Allison BagnolSixth College Senator2014-04-10Her Stories: Pinay PoetryIn accordance with Pilipin@ Awareness Week, this workshop will focus on works from "Poeta en San Francisco" written by Pilipina poet Barbara Jane Reyes. Through dialogue and attention to literary devices, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the intersectionality of ethnicity and gender in a Pilipina context.View
Jackie Doan & Rushil Patel & Philip HuhFirst Year Senators2014-02-14First Year CupidsTo allow first years to give their friends Valentine's Day cards and candy as a break from the stress of midterms.View
Kris Klein & Jennifer JinERC Senator & Marshall Senator2013-11-12Through a New LensTo inform students about the challenges facing "undocumented" students as well as the difference in available resources and opportunities between "documented" and "undocumented" students in the UC system and nation-wide.View
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