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Andrew BuseltMuir Senator2012-10-24Creation of Assocciate Vice President of Environmental & Social Justice AffairsThis office will is intended to push the envelope on sustainability within the Associated Students. Its purpose is to foster a sense of environmental justice when working towards ambitious goals such as Zero Waste by 2020.View
Caeser FengCampus-Wide Senator 2012-03-10Pizza Mobile: Middle Class Scholarship Act Entice Student interest on external issues, specifically the Middle Class Scholarship Act sponsored by Speaker Perez that can potentially lower UC Tuition and make college affordable. View
Andrew BuseltMuir Senator2012-11-14Resolution in Honor of Transgender Day of Remembrance and Affirmation of Support for Gender IdentityThis resolution is meant to not only raise awareness of and commemorate those who have been killed because of their gender identity or perceived gender identity, but also to serve as a public declaration supporting the diversity of gender identities both on campus and around the world.View
Andrew BuseltMuir Senator2012-05-16Resolution in Condemnation of the FDA for the Permanent Deferral for MSM Blood Donors.This resolution speaks to the real lived experiences of MSMs on campus who face discrimination as permanently deferred blood donors and calls for revised policy.View
Andrew BuseltMuir Senator2012-06-06Resolution in support of the boycott of natural gas obtained by Hydraulic FracturingThis Resolution is meant to take a stand against the harms associated with certain extracting processes for natural gas, specifically in regards to the UC's relationship with hydraulic fracturing.View
Andrew Buselt & Hope CzbasMuir Senators2012-12-06One Person's Trash is Another Person's TreasureThis project opened up the opportunity for Muir students to apply to paint trash cans in Muir. These permanent murals not only beautify the campus, but also raise awareness of the values Muir College seeks to promote, such as environmental and social justice.View
Caeser FengCampus-Wide Senator2013-01-07Free Cookies: Celebrate Your Graduating Class Identity on Library Walk Strengthen Class Identity. Foster Appreciation towards Alumni. Encourage Pride in your Graduating Class.View
Caeser FengCampus-Wide Senator 2012-06-21UCSD Free Food BrigadeUnite the student body and disperse information about events to garner student interest and participation in community gatherings. I really see this as a long term project sustained by new incoming students.View
Brad SegalCampus-Wide Senator2013-06-14Swipes for the HomelessThis project is to collaborate with HDH and Swipes for the Homeless to institute a program where students will be given the option of donating leftover meal-points to homeless shelters in the San Diego area. The logistics and meal-point drives would be managed by UCSD students through Swipes for the Homeless. Swipes was started by students at UCLA and was recently recognized by President Obama as a "Campus Champion of Change." View
Jackie ClavinCampus-Wide Senator2012-10-13AS/Transfer Chill and Grill-Promote AS visibility within the transfer community -Publicize the positions of transfer senator -Provide an opportunity for AS council members and transfer students to meet View
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