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Dharla TorresCampus- Wide Senator 2016-11-21Community Advising Network The purpose of this project is to expand the currently offered counseling and psychological services offered on campus to include a culturally specific counseling services at UCSD. Currently, Dr. Catherine Thompson and Dr. Hercilia Corona are among the three only culturally specific counselors at UCSD, as the third is currently on maternity leave. Dr. Thompson focuses her efforts on helping communities of color at the Cross Cultural Center, black students, bi-/ multi-cultural students, LGBTQ identifying students, and womxn on campus, while Dr. Corona focuses on helping Chicanx/ Latinx students at UCSD. The idea is to provide a culturally specific counselor to better serve our communities of color on campus; this would include, but is not limited to, counseling specifically for Native American, Asian, Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern, Muslim, and Undocumented students on campus. This program would be modeled after the already implemented CAN (community advising network) program at UC Davis. View
Azze NgoOff-Campus Senator2016-10-31Haunted Food HuntIncrease visibility of, and familiarize students to, the various commuter lounges and commuters on campus by way of an incentivized Halloween themed food crawl, trick-or-treat tour, and prize giveaway. There will be catered food for participants, candy for those in costume to trick-or-treat, and campus-wide and college specific commuter resources being distributed to students by student council volunteers, commuter orgs, and council commuter reps.View
Minh-Hieu Vu, Emily Goble, Christopher Vidimos, Ayesha SayeedSocial Sciences Senator, Engineering Senator, Arts & Humanities Senator, Muir College Senator2016-03-09Office Hours Rewards ProgramThe purpose of this program is to encourage students to attend their professor's office hours by offering prizes as incentives. Students must visit their professors' office hour 5 times and have their professor sign the official office hours reward form in order to exchange the form for a prize.View
Emily GobleEngineering Senator2016-02-03Engineering Project Space ProposalThe purpose of this project is to draft and present a proposal to the Jacobs School of Engineering Administration that argues for work space allocation and funding for undergraduate project teams. The goal is to increase the availability of machine shop and work space for the engineering project teams of SEDS, Triton Racing, TRC, DBF, AUVSI, EWH and any other future teams that need increased space and resources. View
Liza Lukasheva and Angelica SaavedraSixth College Senators2015-02-20Love UCSDOften students get caught up in their school work and their busy lives and forget about the little things with our LOVE UCSD event we wanted to remind people why they love this school. There are so many things to love about this campus and so many things to be thankful for. While students thought about what they loved about UCSD we also asked how they contribute and give back to UCSD by being involved, achieving their dreams, or being the change. They made cute Polaroid looking pictures with a description of how they give back. We plan on having a repeat event of this later next quarter and to post the picture that were made in Price Center for students to see and be inspired!View
Jessica KimFirst Year Senator2015-02-13Valentine's Day Photo BoothValentine's Day Photo Booth was an event geared towards motivating school spirit and exposing First Year Council to UCSD students. To add some pizazz to the event we incorporated the spirit of Valentine's Day. We decorated the Sun God Statue on Sun God Lawn with embellishments and Valentine's Day balloons so that students could have a chance to get to know what FYC does and take home a hip polaroid of them and their friends under the statue. We also had a kissing booth (with Hershey's Kisses) and gave out Krispy Kreme donuts because who doesn't love some extra sweets? All in all, it was a great success and FYC was able to meet a lot of new faces! View
Joey Giltner, Adilene Rodriguez, Angie AguilarCampus-Wide Senators and Physical Science Senator2015-02-10Sex, Gender and Sexuality... It's ComplicatedThis event is tailored to expose students to the whole idea of intersectionality. An individual is such a complicated human being. Intersectionality (or intersectionalism) is the study of intersections between forms or systems of oppression, domination or discrimination. So in order to educate the campus-wide population about this idea, we are having a workshop with two different topics. First is Be A Man, Act Like A Lady. Ever been told to “man up” or “be a lady”? This interactive workshop explores what we are taught about gender and how that connects to stereotypes, as well as our own biases. Second is on Gender and Sexuality 101. This will go into details about what is offensive, what is not, etc. Overall this topic will educate on why we encourage using gender-neutral language. We learned more about the dialogue revolving around the sometime taboo topics of consent and rape culture on college campuses as well as diving deep into what we are taught about gender, consequences of stepping outside of the lines, and strategies to move beyond limiting expectations!!!View
Kim HongSocial Science Senator2015-01-22Social Science DaySocial Science Day was a day where students can come explore different student organizations and academic departments within the Division of Social Sciences. With social sciences always being claimed to be underrepresented on-campus, this event served as an opportunity for an overall more visible Division of Social Sciences. Students were also asked to write what they wanted to see (events, networking opportunities, internship fairs, etc.) coming out of AS and Social Sciences this quarter.View
Jesslyn Myers & Akshay TanguturWarren College Senators 2015-01-09Triton Shirt Swap Triton Shirt Swap aims to increase school spirit, support UCSD Athletics, and give back to the local community. This project gives students the ability to donate one or more old, used, non-UCSD t-shirt(s) and receive one free UCSD spirit t-shirt in return. All of the donated t-shirts will be given to a local charity. View
Rushil PatelBiological Sciences Senator2015-03-07BIOTECHATHLONThis event is mainly catered towards biology and bioinformatics majors to join heads and apply their skills to real issues going on in third world countries. Teams will be formed by us. Each team will be presented a problem and will have to come up with a full blown plan to solve this issue. They will present their ideas in front of a panel of highly esteemed judges part of the biotech industry. Every participant will receive an award and the winning team will receive a prize that is very high up there (TBD). Students could also receive potential networking/internship opportunities from different corporations in the biotech/health industry.View
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