Senator Project:
Sex, Gender and Sexuality... It's Complicated

NAME:Joey Giltner, Adilene Rodriguez, Angie Aguilar
POSITION:Campus-Wide Senators and Physical Science Senator
PROJECT NAME:Sex, Gender and Sexuality... It's Complicated
PURPOSE AND GOALS:This event is tailored to expose students to the whole idea of intersectionality. An individual is such a complicated human being. Intersectionality (or intersectionalism) is the study of intersections between forms or systems of oppression, domination or discrimination. So in order to educate the campus-wide population about this idea, we are having a workshop with two different topics. First is Be A Man, Act Like A Lady. Ever been told to “man up” or “be a lady”? This interactive workshop explores what we are taught about gender and how that connects to stereotypes, as well as our own biases. Second is on Gender and Sexuality 101. This will go into details about what is offensive, what is not, etc. Overall this topic will educate on why we encourage using gender-neutral language. We learned more about the dialogue revolving around the sometime taboo topics of consent and rape culture on college campuses as well as diving deep into what we are taught about gender, consequences of stepping outside of the lines, and strategies to move beyond limiting expectations!!!
PARTNERSHIPS (Resources and people):Our workshop included a seminar brought to you by the A.S EXTERNAL OFFICE UConsent Campaign Directors Krystl Fabella and Ayesha Sayeed as well as a seminar brought to you by UCSD Women's Center titled, "Be A Man, Act Like A Lady." On top of that we will be having special guest Bryan Dierking from A.S. Alliance speak about the issues pertaining to gender and sexuality.
BUDGET:Total: $600 Used: $565
OUTCOMES:We created amazing dialogue and a total of 78 people attended.
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