Senator Project:
Engineering Project Space Proposal

NAME:Emily Goble
POSITION:Engineering Senator
PROJECT NAME:Engineering Project Space Proposal
PURPOSE AND GOALS:The purpose of this project is to draft and present a proposal to the Jacobs School of Engineering Administration that argues for work space allocation and funding for undergraduate project teams. The goal is to increase the availability of machine shop and work space for the engineering project teams of SEDS, Triton Racing, TRC, DBF, AUVSI, EWH and any other future teams that need increased space and resources.
PARTNERSHIPS (Resources and people):This project is in collaboration with the student organization heads of SEDS, Triton Racing, TRC, DBF, AUVSI, and EWH.
OUTCOMES:To be determined, but the proposal will be presented to the Dean of the Jacobs School of Engineering during Spring Quarter 2016 and hopefully result in more space allocation and increase in funding starting in the 2016-17 academic year.
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