Applying for positions within AVP Transportation and Transformation


  • Campus Planning Coordinator

This position falls under Associated Students' Office of Transportation & Transformation. This office is focused primarily on:


  • Parking
  • Campus Shuttles
  • Public Transportation (MTS/NCTD)
  • Mobilty (including micro-mobility)


  • Campus Planning
  • Campus Construction
  • Capital Program Management
  • Physical Accessibility of Campus Spaces


The Campus Planning Coordinator will serve as a primary student point-of-contact for campus planning and transformation-related commmittees and work groups at UC San Diego. Additionally, the student will serve as the undergraduate student representative on some of these committees. The Campus Planning Coordinator will also build relationships between Associated Students and campus partners focused on transformation, such as Resource Management & Planning, Capital Programs Management, and Transportation Services. Furthermore, the student will also assist Associated Students in the creation of a new student-centered committee focused on campus construction and planning. Finally, the student in this position will help inform the student body about changes to campus construction, current and future campus projects, and impacts to students.


Time Commitment:

  • 30-min meeting with the AVP of Transportation & Transformation, weekly.
  • Committee meetings, averaging 2 hours per week.
  • Additional 3-4 hours per week of other work.


Submission of a résumé is optional. No experience is necessary! Once the application period closes, applicants may be contacted for a brief (30 min) interview, with the AVP of Transportation & Transformation and others from Associated Students.

Please note: This position is stipended, not paid hourly.