Applying for positions within AVP Local Affairs


  • Local Affairs Intern

Office of Local Affairs Interns will work to support Office of Local Affairs initiatives and goals and will learn about local politics, the work of the Office and the work of the Office of External in general. The program will last from September to June and will consist of three parts which will last over the course of each quarter. This position is not stipended.

Overall Requirements:

  • Weekly one on one meetings with a member of the Office of Local Affairs (Chief of Staff, Government Affairs Director, Community Affairs Director)

  • Weekly Office of Local Affairs meetings

  • Fulfill the requirements of each part in the assigned quarter (see below for details)

  • Expect to work between 3 to 5 hours per week

Part One: Creating a project on an area of local concern

  • Interns will be responsible for informing themselves on local issues.

  • Interns will be responsible for planning and executing a project on a topic of concern in local politics to inform the student body.

  • Projects may include a video, an event, a social media campaign, among other ideas.

Part Two: Assisting with an Office of External Affairs project

  • Interns will be assigned to a group in the Office of External Affairs based on interests.

  • Projects may include (depending on need):

    • External Task Forces

    • UC Student Association Campaign

      • UCweVote

      • ACQUIRE

      • Racial Justice Now

      • Fund the UC

    • Other External Offices

      • Labor Affairs Commission

      • Civic Engagement Office

      • Triton Lobby Corps

Part Three: Advocating with the Office of Local Affairs 

  • Interns will be assigned at least one weekly local government meeting based off their schedule. 

    • City Council, San Diego Association of Governments, County Board of Supervisors, etc

  • Interns will be responsible for taking notes, writing a brief report on what was discussed and explaining it at the Office meeting.

  • Interns will assist the Government Affairs Director or Community Affairs Director with tasks as needed.

  • Interns will assist with delivering public comments as needed.