Applying for positions within VP External Affairs


  • Executive Director- Disability Justice Commission

The Disability Justice Commission is a new commission recently approved by the AS Senate that focuses on institutionalizing disability justice into student government. Executive director will work alongside the UCSA Underrepresented Students Officer and the VP External Affairs to do the following:

1. Meeting with key stakeholders (ex. Director of OSD)

2. Identifying unresolved issues in the disabled community, and executing strategies to resolve them

3. Hosting events that promote discussions of intersectionality and that promote community development

4. Conducting advocacy work alongside VP External and UCSA Underrepresented Students Officer

5. Having a strong presence in the campus-wide and system-wide Disability Ad Hoc Committees

6. Establishing the presence of the DJC (having a vision, creating SUSTAINABLE office structures and projects that can carry on to the next year)

7. Anything else as required

Significant time commitment will be required- expect anything from 5-10 hours a week