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  • Chief of Staff - Office of Finance and Resources


The Associated Students of the University of California, San Diego are the elected and appointed representatives of the UC San Diego student body. The ASUCSD works to promote student engagement through its services and leadership opportunities. The ASUCSD seeks to foster a cohesive community through active interaction and communication with students, the administration, and the greater San Diego Community. Our mission is to facilitate and encourage students to grow and develop through their involvement in student government, its services and auxiliaries. We promote student engagement in all areas of campus life through leadership, advocacy, and service in order to build and strengthen our community.

About the Office of Finance & Resources

The Office of Finance and Resources is dedicated to managing the finances of the Associated Students and ensuring its funding structure is continuously performing at maximum efficiency. It is in the interest of the Finance Office to make public both internal and external financial developments to the greater campus community. The Office is always looking for new ways to improve existing systems and actively seeks input from the student population. The Finance Office handles the allocation of the campus activity fee paid by undergraduate students each quarter.

Goals and Projects for 2021-22*

  • Pass the 2021-22 AS Executive Budget through the AS Senate. 
  • Ensure student priorities are reflected through budgetary allocations
  • Create a community of collaboration between the seven colleges VP/VC of Finances that can be maintained throughout the academic year.
  • Assist A.S. Offices in maintaining expenditures through the development and implementation of an efficient audit system. 
  • Research improvements to the current AS enterprises and services.
  • Work with AS Council and Senate to ensure financial feasibility of their goals.
  • Most importantly, keep AS fiscally sustainable and responsible.

*This is not an exhausted list of goals, as the year moves forward our goals will expand or refine. 

Chief of Staff

  • The Chief of Staff serves as the right hand person to the Financial Controller. This person should have a basic interest in student government, financial systems, and a strong drive to be an active participant. As the person overseeing all staff, this individual should have strong organizational skills, be largely proactive, and act as efficiently as possible to complete their own projects and endure others do as well. Since the Office of Finance and Resources often handles important and sensitive information, the Chief of Staff should seek out assistance when necessary.
  • Research other UCs and their financial models/structures, student fees, and AS (or comparable entity) budgets/funding
  • Maintain contact with finance-related campus-wide committees (SFAC, etc.)
  • Maintain contact with VP/VC Finance or Treasurers of all six college councils
  • Assist with financial trend analysis as necessary
  • Be in touch with Sr. AVP Student Organizations and AVP Enterprises/Services
  • Meet weekly with the Financial Controller to check-in on Office goals and review weekly progress
  • Strong communication, organization, time management, and analytical skills required
  • This position typically requires 8-10 hours per week