Applying for positions within President


  • Senior Advisor to the President

Position duties:

  • Advise the ASUCSD President on the affairs of the organization and of the campus.
  • Meet with members of the staff of the ASUCSD President, and facilitate meetings with other ASUCSD members, as needed, to advance the mission of the Office of the President, and of Associated Students.
  • Represent the ASUCSD President in front of the student media and other student organizations, as needed, to promote student-centered intiatives and programs from AS.
  • Serve as a proxy for the ASUCSD President on any relevant campus committees and events, as needed.


Time Commitment:

5-10 hours per week.


Required Meetings:

  • 1hr Office of the President Staff Meeting, weekly.
  • Committee meetings, as needed. No more than 1hr per week.