Applying for positions within AVP Food and Housing Resources


  • Marketing Strategists (2)

**This is a STIPENDED position at $30/wk for 30 weeks**

The Associated Students of the University of California, San Diego are the elected and appointed representatives of the UC San Diego student body. The ASUCSD seeks to foster a cohesive community through active interaction and communication with students, the administration, and the greater San Diego Community. Our mission is to facilitate and encourage students to grow and develop through their involvement in student government, its services, and auxiliaries. The AS Office of Food and Housing Resources strives to build awareness and education about food and housing resources available for students, along with the following priorities:

AS Office of Food and Housing Resources Priorities:

  • Effectively work throughout the year to fight food and housing insecurity at UC San Diego

  • Working with cross-campus resources to promote awareness of resources students have access to on campus 

  • Address accessibility concerns regarding basic needs resources, with an emphasis on food and housing insecurity, raised by students

  • Collaborate with the Basic Needs team to continue existing programs and develop new initiatives such as Taste of Success

  • Host a quarterly meeting that includes College Council Basic Need representatives to discuss basic need challenges that are occurring on campus

  • Attend monthly Basic Needs Committee Meetings and weekly Basic Needs Core Group Meetings on top of weekly Staff Meetings

Marketing Strategist Responsibilities:

  • Update and maintain the Office of Food and Housing Resources’ social media to spread information and educate the student population on food and housing issues as well as other basic needs

  • Design graphics, promotional content and other relevant items relevant to the Office of Food and Housing.

  • Coordinate with office staff to develop publicity schedules.

  • Maintain contact with cross-campus resources to effectively promote and publicize information regarding food and housing to the student population

  • Create an engaging, inclusive platform to inform and advocate for basic needs 

  • Work alongside with staff to assist publicity efforts for any office events and initiatives 

  • Keep students updated by posting regular content/information