Applying for positions within AVP Triton Spirit & Athletics


  • Spirit Director

Roles for Spirit Director 

  • Attend weekly meetings (an hour) with all members of the office

  • Attend one-on-one biweekly meetings (half-an-hour) with the AVP

  • Be able to participate in most, if not all, the events that the office will host every quarter

  • Be able to plan and execute an original idea under the Office of Spirit and Athletics as a personal project

  • Be able to come up with ideas relating to increasing spirit on campus and also work with campus partners and the students to know what they want spirit to look like

  • Work with Spirit Coordinators to come up with mini ideas each quarter and also make sure to assign them work for hosting their own personal projects or teaching them how to raise spirit on campus

  • Attend one office social per quarter

  • Will be compensated a stipend on a biweekly basis

  • Disclaimer: You may be asked to help facilitate or help out the other members of the office with their ideas as this office operates as a unified team!

Applications will be due by October 11th @ 11:59pm. Upon submission of the application, you will be contacted by email to hear if you have received an interview.

If you have any questions, please email