Applying for positions within VP External Affairs


  • Communications Director

The purpose of the ASUCSD External Affairs office shall be to educate and mobilize the UCSD student body around issues affecting University communities at a city, state, and national level; The ASUCSD External Affairs Office shall also advocate for issues regarding higher education including but not limited to the UC system and its governing bodies and lobby system-wide University officials and local legislators on the UCSD student body’s behalf. In addition, the ASUCSD External Affairs office shall facilitate community relations and educational outreach on behalf of ASUCSD.

Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Collaborate with the VP External and members of the office in order to develop, curate, and design, and promote any and all relevant items for the office
  • Assist the VP External in ensuring that all media and material affiliated with the Office of External Affairs is appropriate, accurate, and aligns with the office 
  • Collaborate with staff members to design graphics, promotional material, office gear, and other relevant items.
  • Coordinate with staff members to regularly schedule posts to relevant social media accounts
  • May develop and coordinate their own projects, initiatives, programs, and campaigns. 

Disclaimer: Those in the position must be willing to collaborate with others on projects that go beyond the listed responsibilities. The position is not granted a stipend and will be discussed later during the ASUCSD budget meeting.