Applying for positions within AVP College Affairs


  • Chief of Staff

The ASUCSD Office of College Affairs exists to promote collaboration, communication, and strong, positive relationships between the seven college councils and Associated Students. In essence, the office plays the role of liaison between the student governments in order to ensure the various structures can work together to better serve their common constituents: the UC San Diego student body.

Goals of the Office of College Affairs:

  • Connect individuals on each Council to their respective peers

  • Help council members develop as student leaders 

  • Create a culture of cross-Council events by encouraging and facilitating collaboration

  • All Council Retreat

    • Focus on introducing and connecting like positions on each Council

    • Create an open atmosphere to discuss current problems facing Councils or current initiatives Councils are taking

    • Include the CCPs more directly in what the Retreat will be

  • Connect the Councils by tackling University issues together and by working together to achieve common goals

The responsibilities of the Chief of Staff include:

  • Coordinating, scheduling, and confirming the various meetings within the Office of College Affairs

  • Assisting the AVP with office logistics as well as assuring the Office is on track with its goals for the term

  • Promoting college council visibility, cross council collaborations, and positive relationships between college councils and A.S.

  • Serving as a proxy for the AVP in their absence

  • Serving as the main point of contact for the Office, aside from the AVP

  • Attending weekly staff meetings and College Council President Meetings