Applying for positions within VP External Affairs


  • Triton Lobby Corps Director

The purpose of the ASUCSD External Affairs office shall be to educate and mobilize the UCSD student body around issues affecting University communities at a city, state, and national level; The ASUCSD External Affairs Office shall also advocate for issues regarding higher education including but not limited to the UC system and its governing bodies and lobby system-wide University officials and local legislators on the UCSD student body’s behalf. In addition, the ASUCSD -External Affairs office shall facilitate community relations and educational outreach on behalf of ASUCSD.

Duties and Responsibilities 

  •  Shall manage the agenda and operation of the Triton Lobby Corps

  •  Responsible for planning and initiating the Triton Lobby Corps’ pursuit of at least two policy solutions relevant to the UC San Diego undergraduate student body per academic year  

  • Responsible for maintaining the Triton Lobby Corps’ commitment to conducting active outreach to the UC San Diego student body

  • Shall appoint and oversee all Triton Lobby Corps staff 

  •  Shall act as the primary liaison between the Triton Lobby Corps and all elected or appointed government officials 

  • Shall oversee the finances of the Triton Lobby Corps 

  • Will receive Stipend Level 3

Disclaimer: Those in the position must be willing to collaborate with others on projects and initiatives that go beyond the listed responsibilities.