Applying for positions within AVP Triton Spirit & Athletics


  • Marketing Coordinator

Roles for Marketing Coordinator

  • Attend weekly meetings (an hour) with all members of the office

  • Be able to meet with the Marketing Director on a regular basis to help coordinate ideas under the marketing branch of the office

  • Be able to plan and execute an original idea under the Office of Spirit and Athletics as a personal project

  • Work with Marketing Director to come up with mini ideas each quarter and help them with flyers and other forms of advertisement

  • Attend one office social per quarter

  • Disclaimer: You may be asked to help facilitate or help out the other members of the office with their ideas as this office operates as a unified team!

Applications will be due by October 11th @ 11:59pm. Upon submission of the application, you will be contacted by email to hear if you have received an interview.

If you have any questions, please email