Applying for positions within Sr. AVP Student Advocacy


  • Director of Internal Affairs
  • Director of Internal Affairs (2022-2023)

The primary role of the Director of Internal Affairs is to work with the Sr. AVP to ensure the internal functions of the office (office hours and weekly meetings) are running smoothly. The director should ensure that Student Advocates are supported and well-equipped to assist the students visiting our office. A large part of this is being a point-of-contact for Student Advocates and assisting them with questions about their appointments in addition to helping plan and facilitate weekly office meetings and trainings.


Responsibilities include… 

  • Managing day-to-day affairs 

    • Answering questions from Advocates about office hours, reviews

    • Handling communication issues between Advocates

  • Communicating Advocate concerns during meetings

  • Talking about questions they received throughout the week

  • Creating and going through anonymous forms

  • Help organize office training of Advocates

  • Manage Student Advocates (ensuring they are present and communicative)