Applying for positions within Sr. AVP Student Advocacy


  • Director of External Affairs

(2022-2023) The Director of External Affairs is responsible for leading the office’s efforts to reach out to the community. Specific office goals may change year on year, but the general mission remains the same: to connect with students, to let them know that we care and that we are here as a resource to help. This includes but is not limited to; letting them know about their rights, the academic integrity process as well as the student conduct process. 


Responsibilities include… 

  • Planning outreach events

  • Managing the office website and social media

  • Holding regular meetings with the outreach team

  • Organizing outreach training

  • Delegating to the outreach team and ensuring deadlines are met

  • Executing outreach events

    • Making sure we have enough volunteers

    • Creating directions for set-up and break down of events

    • Participating in outreach events

  • Make sure all advocates and outreach interns meet their outreach requirements

  • Attending board meetings with the Sr AVP to report on outreach efforts and brainstorm