Applying for positions within AVP Triton Spirit & Athletics


  • Finance Director

Roles and Responsibilities for Finance Director

  • 6-8 hours per week

  • Will be expected to meet with AVP and Chief of Staff of Programming every other week

  • Will be responsible for the executive budget for the entire office

  • Will be responsible for the budgeting of all events

  • WIll be expected to plan and draft budgets prior to event dates, adhering to specified deadlines

  • Will be responsible for coordinating with the staff member(s) leading each event to ensure budget is clear, accurate, and recognized

  • Will be expected to attend a minimum of one social per quarter

  • Will be expected to provide at least one event idea and draft a budget for said event, which will be executed by the Spirit Director

  • Will be stipended on a weekly basis

Applications will be due by July 7 @ 11:59pm. Upon submission of the application, you will be contacted by email to hear if you have received an interview.

If you have any questions, please email