Applying for positions within AVP Equity, Diversity & Inclusion


  • Internal Relations Director

  • Work extensively with student organizations, reaching out to connect and expand AS EDI’s sphere and peer network.  

  • Must be knowledgeable on the history of EDI at UCSD and issues related to Greek Life. 

  • Shall work closely with all the student resource centers at UCSD as main contact with AS: Asian Pacific Islander Middle Eastern Desi American Community (APIMEDA), Black Resource Center (BRC), Cross Cultural Center (CCC), Intertribal Resource Center (IRC), LGBT Resource Center (LGBTRC), Raza Resource Centro (RRC), and the Women’s Center (WRC). 

  • Reports to the AVP on all the happenings of the above Student Resource Centers while looking for potential collaboration opportunities. 

  • Attends a student resource center event when possible as AS representative. 

  • Coordinates with, and addresses student’s needs on campus and creates solutions, workshops, educative initiatives based on them (collaborates with the ASEDI office).