Melina Reynoso

Vice-President of Campus Affairs


Hi everyone! My name is Melina Reynoso (She|Her|Hers). My role as your Vice President of Campus Affairs is to represent the undergraduate student body in various committees, plan events, ensure that the general student body is able to connect with their representatives, as well as a multitude of other roles. Outside of A.S. I am a third year Political Science-International Relations major and a Human Developmental Sciences Minor in Marshall College. I'll be having regular office hours that will be posted to the Campus Affairs facebook page. Feel free to reach out if you would like to get involved with A.S. but don't know where to start or with any questions, comments or concerns about your student experience! Committees: Legislative Committee- Chair | Standing Rules Committee- Chair | Student Transportation Advisory Committee | Hispanic Serving Institution Workgroup | Eighth College Workgroup

Weekly Reports

Week Summary



What Did You Do This Week

I answered many emails from constituents and cmapus administrators regarding student representation on campus committees. I met with AVP's and Senators to get updates and approve projects. Along with other student leaders I represented undergraduates on the CAPS and Mental Health Fee Referendum workgroup and on STAC Committee. I sent feedback to the HSI workgroup regarding student experiences and their media plan here at UCSD. I began working on the the various events my office will be putting on this quarter and am in contact with the Elections manager to plan another.


The Standing rules committee completed the compensation procedure section of the Standing Rules.

Legislative committee completed the AS Sustainability resolution and began to work on another resolution.




What Did You Do This Week

This week I focused on organizing the events that my office will be putting on this upcoming week. I met with Senators to approve and help guide their projects, I also met with some of my AVP's to ensure that their offices are on track and to assist in any ways possible. 

I contacted the Chief of Staff for the Vice Chancellor's Office of Equity Diversity and Inclusion to discuss further ways that the Hispanic Serving Institution Workgroup can focus on the population of students we have on our campus currently.

I contacted the Executive Assistant and the Vice Chancellor of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion to set up meetings to help students and administration collaborate to adress concerns of students on our campus and to give feedback on initiatives.

I contacted TTV to discuss collaborating on videos to inroduce students to administration.

I met with the CAPS and Student Mental Health Fee Referendum Workgroup to complete the language for the Fee Referendum that Senate passed.



Standing Rules committee worked on the Special Rules of Order and Presented the proposed changes to the Compensation procedure section of the Standing Rules.

Legislative Committee began to ork on an AS Resolution Condemming Hate Speech.





What Did You Do This Week

This week I put on an event entitled How to Run in AS Elections, I began planning for the Winter quarter all AS tabling event and booked spaces on library walk for a partnered tabling event with SFAC in Spring. I continued to email with the VC of EDI's office to discuss setting up a meeting about HSI and to set up monthly meetings with the VC of EDI. I met with 5 senators to approve their projects and met with the AVP offices to get updates. Throughout the week I answered questions from student media to about the Student Mental Health Fee Referendum.



Standing Rules Committee- The committee almost finished the Special Rules of Order section of the standing rules 

Legislative Committee- We approved an appointment and began to write a Resolution Condeming Hate Speech

STAC Committee- We discussed adding a Transfer Representative to the STAC roster and discussed the current permit buying system and possible alternatives 

Homecoming Committee- Began planning for Homecoming Weekend 2020




What Did You Do This Week

This week I hired a chief of staff and met to discuss goals for the upcoming quarter. I met with four of the AVP's in my office to discuss office developments and collaborations for events. I also met with members of the Intersustainability Council and the SSC to make plans to collaborate with the Finance and Resources office for updates to the funding guide to include strongly encouraging entities that use AS funding to abide by the zero waste event planning guide.  I met with two members of the professional staff to discuss senate and office development and to make plans for future trainings.

I met with several senators to discuss project ideas and to help with filling out TAP forms.

My office made bookings for more events in February and continued planning the tabling event, feedback forum, and elections mixer. 



legislative committee- Continued to work on the AS Resolution condemming Acts of Hate 

Standing Rules committee- Continued to look at the special rules of order section

Marshall 50th Anniversary committee- Planned more of the events, picked a logo, discussed the intentions of these workings

Eighth College Workgroup- At this inagural meeting we discussed the purpose of the workgroup as well as possible themes for the new college. 




What Did You Do This Week


This week i continued planning my four events for this quarter, I met with 3 AVP's and 4 Senators. I met with the Vice Chancellor of EDI to discuss further collaborations and input regarding current student's experiences. I also met with the Staff lead for the  HSI initiative to discuss ways to further involve students this year to ensure their input and expereinces were being accounted for. 



Legislative Committe- Worked on actionable items to go along with our resolution condemmming acts of hate

Standing Rules Committee- continued work on the special rules of order

Eighth College Workgroup- We discussed ideas for new themes and focuses for the new college 





What Did You Do This Week

I hosted an AS Feedback Forum for students to give feedback on Campus Construction. I also planned the Comments for Cookies Event on library walk where we met with over 400 constituents. I also worked on planning Triton Dine and the AS elections Mixer. I worked to organize the interviews for the new senators 



Eigth College workgroup





What Did You Do This Week

This week I finished planning for Triton Dine as well as assisted my office in planning for their Week 10 wifi tablig event. Additionally I contacted more student organizations for their input about HSI. 

I hosted the AS Elections Mixer event to have students who didnt have anyone to run with in elections to mix and network as well as ask questions. 


Standing Rules Committee worked on the AS Offices part of the Standing Rules

legislative committee- We constinued on working on our resolution

Canyonview Fee Referenda Committee- We discussed additional changes and timelines

Homecoming Committee- We continued our work planning for next year's event





What Did You Do This Week

This week I continued planning Triton Dine and finalized vendors, logistics, and meetings with appropriate campus partners. 

I met with the Chancellor on Monday and discussed several different on campus issues including COLA, student and admin communication as well as updates on referenda. 

I worked with my office to get logistics done for the Wifi tabling event on Wednesday.

I worked on getting in contact with on campus partners for as AS Year-in Review event to dicsuss successes and ares for improvement among the AS positions and offices.

I met with the new senators to give them an orientation. 

I spent a lot of thime this week preparing for next quarter in terms of scheduling meetings for new projects, meetings with AVP's and setting committee times. 



Standing rules- Continued working on the AS Offices section of the standing rules




What Did You Do This Week

I focused on meeting with Senators and AVP's to clarify what AS operations would look like for the remainder of the term. I worked with my office to create virtual programming to 


Legislative committee

STAC Committee

Standing Rules Committee

Pre-HSI Committee- Worked with the EDI staff to create a plan for an Idea-wave campaign aimed at soliciting feedback from Latinx students for what they consider important factors of attending a Latinx serving institution 





What Did You Do This Week

This week I focused on putting togetehr virtual events and opportunities for studnets in our campus community 


Legislative Committee- Continued work on the resolution

Commencemnt Committee- discussion on fututre commencement plans 

Standing Rules committee- Worked on the AVP and Executive office sections

Virtual Community Building Workgroup- Discussed dfferent ways to build community in this time of COVID-19 

COVID-19 Student Experience Workgroup- We discussed academic concerns and different resources that students need to be made aware of in these times

T-WOW Committee Meeting- Discussed plans for Welcome week events and scheduling



What Did You Do This Week

This week I helped moderate 2 sessions in the WeSpeak conference. I also met with my office and AVP's to solidify plans for the rest of Spring quarter. I worked on revising more cmpletely the Standing rules to flow more cohesively as well as reworked the structure. I also worked on all the applications for the AVP's in my office. I worked on organizing th COVID-19 Remote Student Experience Workgorup as well as scheduiling meetings for Senate 101 meetings with the newly elected college Senators. Additionally, I started planning the Week 8 Transition Meeting for the senators and AVP's.



Marshall 50th Anniversary committee

Standing Rules Committee

Legislative Committee