David Hickman

Campus Wide AS Senator

Greetings Tritons! My name is David Hickman (he/him/his) and I am honored to once again serve as one of your Associated Students Campus Wide Senators. I represent all undergraduate students at UC San Diego on the Senate floor and in the various committees I attend. Outside of AS, I am a fourth-year International Studies - Political Science major and work with various on and off campus organizations. Please reach out to me with any questions, comments, or concerns about your representation in AS. | Email: drhickman@ucsd.edu | Committees: ASUCSD Senate Finance Committee - Vice Chair; ASUCSD Standing Rules Committee; Student Conduct Standards Group; Undergraduate Scholarship and Honors Committee; Course Materials and Services Fee Committee

Weekly Reports

Week Summary

Attended all AS Meetings and worked on Budget Outreach and Accessibility Projects.


Attended all AS Meetings and worked on Addressing Anti-Blackness Event and other AS Events


Attended all AS Meetings and contined working on Addressing Anti-Blackness Event and other events


Attended all AS Meetings and co-hosted the Addressing Anti-Blackness Event and Sweets and Student Leaders


No AS Meetings Due to Thanksgiving; Follow-Ups from Events and Promotional Outreach for December Forum


Attended all required AS Meetings; Follow-Ups from Events and Promotional Outreach for Triton Dine


Outreach Hour

This week, I completed multiple hours of outreach, mostly aimed at promoting the two available Senator positions through Facebook. I have worked to maintain my personal Facebook of AS updates and the Campus Wide Senators Facebook Page (in addition to adding the Campus Wide Senator Facebook Page to multiple UCSD Groups). I also worked to keep up with constituents who reached out and followed up with those with whom I had pending questions to answer.

Senator Project Updates


I have been working on both expanding the available project opportunities to other Senators and working on my own branding and transparency project which involved taking meetings with the AS Graphic Studio and members of the Executive Board.

Internal Committees


Standing Rules, Assembly, Finance Committee, Senate

External Committees


None this week


Attended all AS Meetings and worked on upcoming projects and Open Senator position promotion.



What Did You Do This Week