Sean Monroe

Roosevelt AS Senator

Hi ERC & UCSD! My name is Sean Monroe, and I use pronouns He/Him/His. My role as one of the AS college senators representing ERC is to voice the concerns and opinions of ERC students to Associated Students and other all-campus committees and organizations. I also work to create policies and programs that benefit both the ERC student body and the other college student bodies to create a positive impact on the UC San Diego community. As a student, I am a second year with a double major in Political Science-International Relations and Public health as well as a minor in Human Rights. I am always available to talk over email and facebook. I also have office hours every week which are posted on my personal and senator facebook pages. For Associated Students, I sit on the AS Senate meetings | AS Legislative Committee For ERC, I sit on the Student Council of ERC general meeting | Special Events and Finance Committee | Rules Committee

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