Sadaf Rasekh

Marshall AS Senator

Hiya Marshall students <3 My name is Sadaf Rasekh (she/her/hers) and I am so grateful to be one of your A.S. senators. My role is to represent you in A.S. and student council meetings. I have outreach hours every week so stop by and we can talk about anything together. I am a resource for you! Please email or Facebook message me for any questions or suggestions, I am always open to feedback. A little about me is that I am from San Diego, I am a second year and a International Relations major. My favorite thing to eat is Middle Eastern food and I love watching random YouTube documentaries. I am also involved in Greek Life and the Afghan Student Association. I hope this bio gives you some help in learning what a Senator is, if you're interested in getting involved or want to learn more meet me for coffee :)

Weekly Reports

Week Summary

Outreach Hour: This first week I was unable to do an outreach hour because my class schedule was not set in stone and I wasn't sure when a good time would be. To make up for it, I will be holding an extra outreadh hour in week 2 so I can keep up with any students who would like to meet. 


Senator Project Updates: I am in the process of finishing up details for my first senator project. It will be an indentity caucus for SWANA students at UC San Diego. In my freshan year I did a research paper on middle eastern students and how a resource center could help their experience. Because that is not tangible while I am in office, I thought that a caucus would help instead where students can meet each other and share experiences. I have one planned for week 3 and another planned for week 8. 



Internal Committee: I attended the legislative meeting in A.S. this week and we finished a 



External Committee: The external meetings I attend are TMC Student Council and either internal or finance committee meetings. Because the new quarter just started, the meeting times have not been established yet so there was no committee meeting this week.

Goals: My goals for next week are to have my first project finalized so I can begin advertising and to set in stone my outreach hours.



Outreach Hour: For this week, I spent my outreach hour at the Marshall Multi Cultural Food Celebration where I volunteered and also spoke to constituents while they waited in lines. We had a great turn out and I am so proud of TMC Student Council for putting on this event geared towards student culture and I hope it helped others learn about our campus population.


Senator Project Updates: My senator project is a SWANA Caucus set for next week Thursday. I am currenlty waiting on funding approval so my TAP can get processed and I am nervous that it will not get done on time. I do have a room reserved for Week 8 to do a second SWANA Caucus however I really want to have two at least so I am hoping that the TAP is processed in time.



Internal Committee: In Legislative committee, we are currenlty working on a resolution on Hate Speech to educate the student body about what hate speech is and how A.S. is against it.



External Committee: In TMC Student Council, there are events set for Lunar New Year created by our international student reps for those who can not go home for this meaningful celebration. We are also working on getting council apparel for ourselves so we can wear them at our events and have students know who TMCSC members are. 



Summary: I am working on my SWANA project and have narrowed down a potential second project to accomplish this quarter. I am working on the hate speech resolution in committee.



Outreach Hour: My outreach hour this week will be spent at my SWANA Caucus event where I will meet students and learn about their experiences. I also had various conversations with students this week online through me reaching out to them. I know this technically does not count as physical outreach but through digital outreach I've met more students than I ever have in person inside OVT. 


Senator Project Updates: My senator project about Swana student experiences will take place today and I'm so excited. I reached out to multiple student organizations about it but I'm skeptical about how many people will come. I understand many people have midterms but I still hope I get around 10 students so we can have a good conversation! Organizing this specific of an audience was going to be challenging so I'll take what I can get and learn from this experience! I'm meeting with the program director of APIMEDA soon to discuss more info about the Swana population as well as Arab American Heritage month.



Internal Committee: I attended Legislative committee this week where we discussed what counts as hate speech and we determined we need to be careful in how we word our resolution to be fair.



External Committee: I will not be able to attend TMCSC meeting tonight as it coincides with my swana caucus project tonight. My co senator Jacob has agreed to give the report for me instead.



Summary: senator project will occur today and I will be missing my student council meeting, I will read our minutes to catch up!