Noah Palafox

Associate Vice-President of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion


Hey Everyone! My name is Noah Palafox and I am a queer, mixed Latinx student here at UCSD and I use He/They pronouns. I am extremely excited to work as this year's AVP of EDI, and I hope you'll join me in creating space for open dialogue between students of diverse communities, fighting for inclusive social justice initiatives, and working to serve underprivileged, underrepresented groups in San Diego. Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion is more than a course requirement, it's about fighting to educate and redress disparities that greatly impact our fellow peers and working to see an institution better serve its students. We have a long way to go, and I hope you'll join me in amplifying students' voices across UCSD.

Weekly Reports

Week Summary

What Did You Do This Week:

- Met with Black Student Union to discuss collaborative event on the Compton Cookout and Black Winter.

- Discussed with CCC Director Edwina Welch on Triton CommUnity Initiative

- Met together as an office to discuss and plan, Meet N' Greet event hosted by ASEDI, Black Winter Remembrance, Why DEI, & Internship program. 

- AVP met with BSU Rep. Alicia Yancey to discuss Black Winter event. 

- AVP reached out and contacted numerous staff and faculty regarding ASEDI Initiatives & Status of certain groups. 

- AVP planning and delegating tasks to officers for week. 


- No Committee meetings scheduled for this week.



- AS EDI has hit week 1 running, and is currently planning multiple events and outreachs to the UCSD community. Our main initiatives are focusing on educating students and bettering the reputation of the DEI Requirement while also focusing on continued connection and support for Black Student Union by funding a Black Winter Remembrance event as well. 



What Did You Do This Week



- DEI Workgroup Meeting - discussed the "analytical-theoretical framework" section for course instructors to submit their courses.  


- Attended AS Assembly meeting.


- Met with Office staff to discuss office events and collaboration

- Attended DEI Workgroup with Staff

- Met with GSA Diversity to discuss collaboration on Black Winter Event




What Did You Do This Week






- Scheduled meetings with staff and faculty

- Held and hosted weekly staff meeting

- Delegated tasks to individuals

-Discussed and planned for Black Winter event

- Met with AS Graphics and had them plan event design for flyer