Shubham Kulkarni

Sixth College AS Senator

Hey everybody! My name is Shubham Kulkarni, my pronouns are he/him/his, and I am one of your Sixth College Senators. I am a second year computer science student and I'm super passionate about helping people. My job is to represent Sixth College students to the Associated Students, to serve as a liaison between Associated Students and Sixth College Student Council, and to help make the Sixth College experience the best it can be. I also sit on the HDH Undergraduate Advisory Committee and the University Centers Advisory Board (UCAB). My co-senator Winnibread Gong and I will be having office hours, so feel free to drop by and ask us questions, give feedback, or just come and hang out. We both have a variety of projects going on, and we'd be happy to talk about them with you all!

Weekly Reports

Week Summary

Outreach Hour

Talked to my constituents by attending a Sixth College Org Meeting.

Senator Project Updates


Working on getting materials over to the reshall quad. Aiming to be done by week 3.

Internal Committee


No Sixth College Student Council meeting in celebration of Spirit Night.

External Committee


HDH: Talked about the changes to upcoming parking restrictions.

UCAB: Talked about UCAB Charter amendments. Met with Campus Partnerships


Less meetings than usual :). Please contact me if you have thoughts on any of the work I did.