Shubham Kulkarni

Sixth College AS Senator

Hey everybody! My name is Shubham Kulkarni, my pronouns are he/him/his, and I am one of your Sixth College Senators. I am a second year computer science student and I'm super passionate about helping people. My job is to represent Sixth College students to the Associated Students, to serve as a liaison between Associated Students and Sixth College Student Council, and to help make the Sixth College experience the best it can be. I also sit on the HDH Undergraduate Advisory Committee and the University Centers Advisory Board (UCAB). My co-senator Nikhil Penugonda and I will be having office hours, so feel free to drop by and ask us questions, give feedback, or just come and hang out. We both have a variety of projects going on, and we'd be happy to talk about them with you all!

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