David Hickman

Associate Vice-President of Local Affairs



Hello! My name is David Hickman (he/him/his) and I am honored to serve as the Associated Students of the University of California San Diego Associate Vice President of Local Affairs. I represent all undergraduate students at UC San Diego in and around the community (at San Diego City Council, La Jolla Town Council, SANDAG, University Community Planning Group, and more) and oversee the Office of Local Affairs, working closely with the Office of External Affairs and its other entities. Outside of AS, I am a fourth-year International Studies - Political Science major and work with various on and off campus organizations (mostly related to government and civic engagement in San Diego, around California, New York, and internationally). Please reach out to me with any questions, comments, or concerns about the Office of Local Affairs.

Weekly Reports

Week Summary


Student Outreach: I have helped to provide limited updates on External's Facebook Page (Title IX SAB) and promoted Local Community Committee Rep positions among AS and other student leaders across campus (I've also extended the deadline to match the External Campaign Applications).

Office Work: I will be conducting Office work through the coming periods of transition. I met with my Chief of Staff a few times this week to discuss Office plans and also to on-board the Government Affairs Director. Both Alisha and I attended the AS Fellowship Mixer with others in the External Office to hopefully bring on a few Fellows for the Office of Local Affairs and some for the Office of External Affairs as well. I have continued to promote the Local Community Committee Representatives positions among AS and work with students and government representatives over email. I have had to pay really close attention to Local and State news this past week as the Board of Supervisors was able to sneak past the media and most of the public their vote to not fund Vote Centers this past Tuesday. Since then I have been able to determine that they had to schedule a special meeting after a lot of public outcry to revisit the vote. I will be organizing a delegation to attend their meeting on Monday morning to ensure a student presence at the meeting. Our Gov Affairs Director and I just finished up a one page guide for those interested and for all those that will join the delegation. After Politifest's Mayoral Debate, it looks like Local will instead focus on town halls instead of a mayoral debate, so I will be working with UCSD Government Affairs to arrange larger-scale visits. I have put on hold my formal meetings with UCSD Government and Community Affairs (given my status as AVP), but will likely take informal meeting(s) with just the UCSD Director of Government Affairs whom I have already established a personal/professional relationship with. Following Politifest, I have also worked to follow up with those that I spoke with in-person, and will hopefully be scheduling meetings for External/Local or bringing them to campus. In preparations for SOCC, I finished setting up the Google Voice line for on-call staff and have also worked on External’s Conference Expectations of Attendees document which will be finished in time for the SOCC Orientation.


External Office Directors Meeting, AS Fellowship Mixer, Government Affairs Director Staff Orientation, AS Assembly; One-on-Ones with VP External, AS Advisor, Chief of Staff


Attended all AS, External, and Local Meetings and worked on establishing more community relations after Politifest.



What Did You Do This Week

After officially terming back in this week, I have hit the ground running on keeping the Office active in representing students around San Diego and at the UC-level. This week I have worked to finish the majority of a document that will be passed down to future Associate Vice Presidents, as well as guide the Office throughout the rest of the year. The Yearly Plan covers a newly revised Office Standing Rules (which include a complete listing of the requirements of each position within the Office), summarizing the work completed over the Summer and Fall, and includes information for those who will later transition into the position of Associate Vice President. The new document also includes a complete listing of meetings which members of the Office should be attending. Any members of the UCSD Student Body wishing to view the full document may email me for a copy. This week also involved taking meetings with the Senior Directors of the External Office and the Local Affairs Office which resulted in productive discussions on policy priorities for the quarter. Finally, this week I attended the UC Student Association Board Meeting and worked with other External Vice Presidents on establishing Offices of Local Affairs within their Associated Students, in addition I worked with other members of UC student governments to support the upcoming CA Proposition 13: School and College Facilities Bond which should work to increase funding for capital needs of the University of California.


External Office Directors Meeting, Local Affairs Staff Meeting, AS Assembly, UCSA Board Meeting; One-on-Ones with VP External, AS Advisor, Chief of Staff


Attended all AS, External, and Local Meetings and worked on finalizing the Office's Yearly Plan.