Victoria (Tori) Gabelman

Roosevelt AS Senator

Weekly Reports

Week Summary

Outreach Hour

  • I worked with the other ERC Senator, Nicole Thompson, to schedule a combined Virtual Office Hour. We then posted it to the roosevelt Senators FB Page and created a post on Canva to help advertise. This will allow students to come in and meet with us to ask any questions, provide conerns/ feedback, and to just chat!

  • These office hours will be held on Thursdays,1-2pm PST via Zoom.

Senator Project Updates


  • I met with John Weng to get some inspiration for my project idea. My project will be to create a landmark in ERC.
  • I will start this process off by contacting the ERC Provost, Student Affairs, and consulting Student Council of ERC to ensre there is a want for this landmark. Then I will contact the Stewart Art Comission Advisory Board. I hope to have these things complete by the end of Fall Quarter.
  • Talked with my partner, Nicole Thompson, and we will be collaborating together on this project.

Internal Committee

  • I am not currently on an internal committee.


External Committee

  • Student Council of ERC
    • Approved Student Affairs budget request for a Speaker Event for ERC students. They will speak on the issues regarding racism, sexism, and civic engagement. More details to be released soon.
    • Approved to remove the MMW Liason position from Standing Rules. This is because there is not much for this position to do.
    • Discussed "Nightmare on Pangea Drive" event, to be voted on next week.



  • Right now, the ball is rolling. We have established office hours in hopes to be able to talk to students about our positions on AS and take any feedback or questions they may have. My Senator Project is also going to be started soon and I am excited to see how this will turn out. I am excited to see what this quarter will hold!