Tommy Jung

Campus Wide AS Senator

Hello, my name is Tommy Jung. I'm a third year Political Science: Data Analytics major with a Business and Computational Social Science minor serving as one of your Campus Wide Senators. My focus this year is to make campus resources surrounding Title IX more transparent and accessible. _____________________________ External Committees: Co-chair of the Student Leader Alliance Undergraduate Representative for the UC Systemwide Title IX Student Advisory Board

Weekly Reports

Week Summary

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Senator Projects

  • I've met with Senator Cheng and Senator Quiroa to continue discussing ways to improve communication within AS. After consulting Assistant Director Weng, we decided the two best platforms for us to explore would be Slack and Microsoft Teams. We drafted a list of pros and cons for each platform and presented them to Senate, asking for feedback on how we should proceed. We also created two prototype channels on Slack and Teams and began testing to see if both platforms would be viable. The plan is to pick a platform by the end of Week 3 and begin the onboarding process soon (and create a short tutorial/guide on how the selected platform can be used). 

Outreach Hour

The campus wide senators and I are planning to roll out office hours every week on Friday from 1pm to 2pm. We are discussing the possibility of holding permanent office hours and will be requesting a media plan from the Graphics Studio if we do. For now, here is the link to our office hours:

Senator Project Updates

  • Senator Cheng and I finalized our plans to improve communication within the Senate. By the time of this report, we have invited all members of the Assembly (along with Staff) to Microsoft Teams. We have drafted a tutorial/expectations guide for the platform and plan to announce our onboarding process next week. 

  • I met with Carlos, our contact from ITS, regarding the AS website. We discussed possible plans on how to improve the website and make AS activity more transparent. Currently, we are focusing on improving the project portion of the website ("Senator Projects" under the "Assembly" tab). At the time of this report, senators are able to submit their Senator Project to the system but cannot publish it to the public. I will be submitting an amendment to our bylaws next week to introduce mandates for senators to submit their project budget,description, and goals on a timely manner. I will be touching base with Carlos and other AS members to ensure that this feature will be operational by the end of next week.


This week, the Student Leader Alliance met for the first time. This first meeting was mostly reserved for introductions and setting the tone for the meeting. We had the opportunity to give input on what students need during fall quarter and established regular meeting guidelines for the future.