Harper Estus

Off Campus AS Senator

Hi everyone! My name is Harper Estus (she/her/hers) and I am a Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience Major with a Minor in Education Studies from Muir College. I have the exciting opportunity to be one of the Off-Campus Senators for this year. From my previous experience with commuter life, I have learned how important community and resources are for the commuter student population. I hope to help all of those who are Off-Campus students during this school year, especially with their connectivity to campus. Please contact me by email (hestus@ucsd.edu) if you have any ideas/questions/concerns, I want to help represent your voice!

Weekly Reports

Week Summary

Project: I am working on a survey to be sent out to all students on how AS can better help and outreach to them with the other Off-Campus Senator, Campus-Wide Senators, a Transfer Senator, and President Giangtran to make sure it has enough representation from different people. The survey will hopefully be released sometime soon, after being reviewed by Assistant Director Weng. I am also working on a self-care event with Senator Kulkarni for off-campus students that will be taking place mid-November.

Outreach: During Week 3, I spent time doing outreach by contacting all the commuter/off-campus representatives from different commuter organizations from each college in hopes of attending their meetings and events as soon as they have any. I am also in contact with the AVP of College Affairs in hope to connect with each College Council’s Commuter Representative. The other Off-Campus Senator, Senator Kulkarni, and I wrote an introduction post for Facebook in hope of fostering more community through that outlet. I also contacted a Revelle Staff Member to check on the status of Commuter Activites Board (Revelle Commuter Group).

Internal Committee: No updates for Finance Committee. 

External Committee: Student Transportation Advisory Committee (STAC) did not meet this week.


Project: During Week 2, the other Off-Campus Senator, Senator Kulkarni, and I held our first event/project of the year "Find Your Home From Home" where we welcomed any Off-Campus students to come and find community with us. We brought together certain people and resources such as Teaching and Learning Commons, a presentation from the AVP of Student Orgs, and a representative from Greek Life to talk about different involvement opportunities. We also invited different commuter/off-campus representatives to talk about their organizations.


Outreach: This week and the previous week was spent on Facebook advertising the “Find Your Home From Home” event to off-campus representatives and making sure it gets to different outlets and to off-campus/commuter students.


Internal Committee: Finance Committee briefly discussed the items that would be discharged later to the Senate floor (Thrive Program and Fall Budget Revise).


External Committee: I sat on the Student Transportation Advisory Committee (STAC) this week. We discussed some of the facility updates for transportation, the emergency ride home option, how on the website there is a section where you can look at what parking is utilized on campus, and some of the SPIN docking locations.