Chitra Kulkarni

Off Campus AS Senator

Hi everyone, my name is Chitra Kulkarni (she/her/hers) and I am honored to be one of your Off-Campus Senators. I am a fourth-year pre-law student, majoring in Cognitive Science with a specialization in Neuroscience and minoring in Philosophy with an emphasis in law, ethics, and society. I strive to bring as many legal resources and educational opportunities to the process of moving off campus as I can. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to express your views about anything, I am always here to listen and to translate your voice into action. Please feel free to email me at or reach out to me on social media!

Weekly Reports

Week Summary

Outreach Hour

I reached out to inidividuals from commuter organizations to advertise the upcoming off-campus event, as well as to see how we can serve the off-campus students better together. In addition, Senator Estus and I planned and posted a facebook post to get the Off-campus facebook page up and running again. 

Senator Project Updates


Senator Estus and I have been working together to put together an off-campus talk series for off-campus/commuter students. We had an event last week and we are planning for another event at the beginning of November, centered around self-care. This week I have been focusing on scheduling the speakers and getting the event details in place. 

Internal Committee


In legislative commitee, this week we passed the motion to appoint more members to AS and discussed the Resolution passed last week regarding the Attacks on Artsakh. We also discussed ways to improve the accountability of AS senators. 

External Committee

On the Changemaker Co-curricular committee this week, we discussed what it means to be a changemaker, how to implement the UN Sustainable Development Goals into the Changemaker pathways. We also reviewed the changemaker pathway proposal that will be coming out soon. 



After last week's event, most of this week was organizing, emailing, and planning for the next event that is in 3 weeks.