Jennifer Lee

Senior Associate Vice-President of Concerts and Events


Hi everyone! My name is Jennifer Lee (She | Her | Hers). As the Sr. Associate Vice President of the AS Office of Concerts and Events, I work with my team to provide standout programming for the UC San Diego undergraduate students to make their college experience memorable. We plan and execute a number of events including everything from small concerts and hands-on workshops to UC San Diego's largest events. Some of the events my office curates are the Sun God Festival, Bear Gardens, You at the Loft, Fall Y'all, and Horizon! Each and every event is curated by our all-student staff, and our planning is always guided by student input! As a team, ASCE truly strives to bring the best experiences to all the students in order to spearhead a more involved student culture at UC San Diego. Outside of AS, I am a fourth year student from Muir college majoring in Political Science - International Relations and looking to minor in Business and Philosophy. I am also involved in the following committees: Homecoming Committee | Open Spaces Committee | Sun God Committee. If you have any questions regarding AS Concerts and Events and how to get involved, please feel free to contact me at To learn more about us and our staff, you can visit

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