Xavier Lopez

First Year AS Senator

HEIGHT: 5'11 - WEIGHT 149 | Hey! I’m Xavier Lopez (he/him), a first-year at Seventh College. First-Year Senator is a unique, appointed role on the Associated Students Senate that is nominated by a committee based on qualifications, project plans, motivation, and optimism! I'm excited to advocate for First-Years' diverse needs and desires! Feel free to reach out to me for any reason! I try to help the best I can, but I'm still learning all about AS! - I'm especially interested in: AS' social inclusiveness, better sexual health distribution around campus & reducing plastic on campus! - I’m Anti-Performative, Pro-Advocacy, and an Environmentalist. - I'm ecstatic to be a part of the AS Fellowship, which is teaching me all about AS! Like how things work and how things can get done. They also are introducing me to invaluable campus partners whom I am building relationships with to aid students' agenda. | I'm working on a Virtual Social Platform to aid students' social and mental well-being during times of semi-continued physical distancing! To start, I am making an official UCSD Minecraft server where students have a joint reason to log in and have fun while connecting with other Tritons thru the process. My Environmental Project seeks to reduce plastic waste on-campus while working with the Sustainability Resource Center, AS Environmental Justice Advocacy, HDH, CALPIRG, and to be more soon! Unfortunately, I have learned that big change takes time--but that's something I would love to continue working on thru the next year!

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