AS First Year Fellowship: Purpose

AS Fellowship aims to help incoming first-year and first-year transfer students cultivate their leadership, professional, and interpersonal skills by participating in campus-wide advocacy and service-oriented efforts. Individuals who engage in this program will gain a comprehensive understanding of the functionality of the AS offices, develop the skills necessary to interact with peers and administrators, and gain insight into key issues that impact UC San Diego students.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will gain a comprehensive grasp of the functionality of different AS offices.
  • Students will develop professional skills and communication skills to connect with peers and administrators.
  • Students will recognize critical issues impacting the students at UC San Diego, then produce events, campaigns, and programs to unite their constituency.
  • Students will demonstrate self-awareness and social awareness by actively creating partnerships with diverse populations and utilizing campus resources.
  • Students will learn the duties and powers of AS.
AS Mission

AS Vision


  • Weekly mandatory fellowship meetings
  • Participation in academic, leadership, and personal development workshops and programs throughout the academic year
  • 2-3 hours weekly working within respective AS offices