Seventh College Student Activity Fee Referendum

Do you approve a new Seventh College Student Activity Fee in the amount of $12.00 per undergraduate student per quarter (excluding summer), effective Fall Quarter 2022 to establish funding for student events and traditions, student organizations, services to students, and administrative operations of the Seventh College Student Council of the University of California, San Diego? 

If passed, this fee would fund initiatives approved by the Seventh College Student Council such as, but not limited to:

  • Additional programming to support diversity, inclusion, and equity for Seventh College undergraduate student groups on campus 
  • Basic needs initiatives, including food and housing insecurity programs and resources
  • Social programming on- and off-campus 
  • Professional development programs 
  • Seventh College student organizations
  • Increased UC San Diego Seventh College undergraduate student participation in advocacy efforts, including at meetings with state and federal legislators, as well as the UC Office of the President and UC Regents 

There is currently no Seventh College Student Activity Fee.

If approved, the fee will be adjusted annually according to the California Consumer Price Index (CPI) (not to exceed 4% annually) to account for inflation, starting in Fall 2023. 

In accordance with University Policy, this fee will be included in the determination of financial aid. The fee and all future inflationary adjustments will be subject to 29% return-to-aid (RTA) to help meet undergraduate students’ financial aid needs ($3.48 for Fall 2022). The remaining 71% ($8.52 in Fall 2022) will be used to fund initiatives approved by the Seventh College Student Council.

The Seventh College Student Council will oversee the spending of this fee, and annual budget reports will be made public and provided to all UCSD Student Governments. 

Voting Options

  • Yes 
  • No 
  • Abstain 


Pro Statement Con Statement

1. Student fees will give us the budget to start funding Seventh traditions as we create them.

2.  Student fees can provide Seventh student orgs with funding to do fun events and activities

1. Tuition is already high, and a student fee would mean paying more money

2. You might not be able to attend all events that student fees pay for

Rebuttal To Pro Statement Rebuttal To Con Statement

No Rebuttal to the Pro was submitted.

I would say that that’s the case for most fees that we pay for. There’s a RIMAC fee thats almost $100 and there are many people that don’t use the gyms on campus. Theres a transportation fee that’s around $65 and for that to be worth it you would need to use the bus at least 26 times in a quarter. All this to say there are already fees that are not fully utilized by every student, but without them there are a lot of services the school would not be able to offer. Plus, in comparison, $12 is a small addition.