2020 UC San Diego Earl Warren College Student Activity Fee Increase

Do you approve a $1.16 increase in the Earl Warren College Student Activity Fee per quarter effective Fall Quarter 2020 to improve student events and traditions and provide services to the students of Warren College of the University of California, San Diego?

If approved, this referendum will increase the Warren College Student Activity Fee from $8.84 per quarter to $10.00 per quarter, effective fall 2020. The fee is assessed in the fall, winter, and spring terms.

The total fee is subject to annual adjustment equal to the California Consumer Price Index (CPI).

$4.00 of the total fee is not subject to return to aid (RTA). The remaining fee amount ($6.00 in 2020) will be subject to 29% RTA to help meet the needs of financial aid for undergraduate students ($1.74 in 2020). 

The fee increase will be used to improve and expand student events, traditions, and services at Warren College, subject to the approval of the Warren College Student Council, which may include, but is not limited to:

  • Community-building events such as Warren Live, Multicultural Fest, and Warren Semiformal.
  • Resource centers such as the Triton Food Pantry, and student initiatives to advocate for Warren students.
  • Creation of larger scale events that appeal towards the Warren student population, such as off-campus trips, concerts, and service projects.