Below you will find a list of all the Resolutions for AS Council.

Date Session Resolution Number
3/6/2018 2017-18 Support for Affordable Academic Resources View | Download
4/25/2018 2017-18 Resolution in Support AFSCME Local 3299 Contract Fight View | Download
3/1/2019 2018-19 Accurate Measuring of Constituents' Opinions Act View | Download
4/23/2019 2018-19 Resolution of Impeachment of Transfer Senator Joseph Giltner View | Download
6/18/2020 2020-21 Resolution Advocating to Immediately Defund the UCSDPD and Committing to Abolish the UCPD View | Download
12/2/2020 2020-21 Resolution Calling for Academic Senate to Extend Academic Accomodations for Winter and Spring Quarter of the 2020-2021 Year View | Download
12/9/2020 2020-21 Resolution Calling for Academic Senate, Departments, and Instructors to Change Attendance Policies and Make Accomodations Therein for Winter and Spring Quarters of the 2020-2021 Year View | Download
1/13/2021 2020-21 Resolution Condemning the Attacks on the US Capitol by Rioters on January 6th 2021 and Committing to Advocating for Further Mental Health Resources for Affected Students View | Download
2/24/2021 2020-21 Resolution Acknowledging, Defining, and Condemning Antisemitism View | Download
10/11/2022 2022-23 Resolution for Four Year Housing Guarantee at the University of California, San Diego View | Download
11/16/2022 2022-23 Joint Resolution with GPSA in support of UAW Strike View | Download
11/15/2023 2023-24 Resolution Condemning Jew-Hatred and Committing to Fair and Equal Representation of the Jewish Community at UC San Diego View | Download