Senator Projects

Here you can find a list of the active projects that AS Senators are working on.

Project Name Date Started Senator Get Involved
Study Jam 1/7/2021 Harper Estus View Project
International and Out of State Student Food Security Webinar 1/25/2021 Abby Rollison View Project
Expanding Senatorial Elections 2/5/2021 Mihir Pandya View Project
All-Campus Virtual Game Night 4/9/2021 Harper Estus View Project
TMC Student Councils Orientation Video 9/17/2021 Ashley Jones View Project
UC San Diego Blue Line Opening Ceremony 11/12/2021 Daniel Juarez View Project
Adding Caste to UCSD's non-discrimination policy 1/12/2022 Rhianen Callahan View Project
Zero Waste Hygiene Equity 5/4/2022 Xavier Lopez View Project
Menstrual Products Accessibility 5/4/2022 Xavier Lopez View Project