Below you will find a list of all Associated Student Council members and their weekly stipend for the current year.

Name Position Stipend Amount Per Week (USD)
Meri Yedigaryan AVP Triton Spirit & Athletics $100
MOISES GOODMAN GUINZBERG AVP Enterprises & Services $100
Nicholas Butler Sr. AVP Student Orgs. $150
Ethan Christensen AVP Food and Housing Resources $100
Kimberly Giangtran Campus Wide Senator $20
Amor Goetz Biological Sciences Senator $20
Eleanor Grudin President $300
David Hickman Campus Wide Senator $20
Annika Manlutac Social Sciences Senator $20
Noah Palafox AVP Equity, Diversity & Inclusion $100
Melina Reynoso VP Campus Affairs $200
Shirley Zhang Physical Sciences Senator $20