Student Transportation Fee Referendum

Do you approve of a six-year extension and an increase to the existing Student Transportation Fee by $11.56 per student per quarter (fall, winter, and spring) beginning fall quarter 2019? The current fee is $52.24, per student per quarter.

The fee will provide UCSD students with a continued Regional Transit Pass for all undergraduate, graduate and professional students who pay this fee. The Regional Transit Pass has given and will continue to give unlimited ridership during the fall, winter and spring quarters on all mass transit bus, trolley and light rail routes in the San Diego region provided by the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) and the North County Transit District (NCTD) excluding the premium express routes.

The current Transportation Fee expires in Spring 2019. The extended Student Transportation Fee will go into effect fall quarter 2019 and will not be assessed during summer sessions.

Consistent with the current Transportation Fee referendum passed in spring quarter 2014:

  • A Student Transportation Advisory Committee (STAC) will provide oversight of funds generated by the fee. A student will chair STAC and at least 80% of the voting membership will be students. The Associated Students, Graduate Student Association, and Vice Chancellors of Student Affairs and Resource Management and Planning will write and approve the STAC charter.
  • The fee revenue will be administered by UCSD Transportation Services in support of STAC and its oversight role. No portion of this fee will be used to compensate University employees. Transportation Services will provide STAC annual revenue and expense reports on the use of the fee no later than October 1st for the prior fiscal year. Annual budget reports will be made public and provided to all UCSD student governments.
  • 29% of this fee will provide financial funding to be awarded by the Financial Aid Office based on student need. This fee will be included in the determination of financial aid.
  • 71% of this fee will be used to provide the Regional Transit Pass.
  • If the cost of the Regional Transit Pass is less than 71% of the fee revenues collected, excess funds will be redistributed to the STAC to improve the safety, sustainability, and infrastructure of alternatives to student use of single-occupancy vehicles, including but not limited to bicycling, bike sharing, carpooling, car sharing, skateboarding and walking.
  • UCSD Transportation Services will retain responsibility for a city shuttle program while this referendum is in effect.

The entire Student Transportation Fee will increase every fall quarter, beginning in fall 2020, by 1.5% annually for inflationary cost increases.

This fee will expire after spring quarter of 2025 unless renewed by a student referendum in accordance with the constitutions of the Graduate Student Association and Associated Students and University student fee policies.

Modifications to this fee may not be made without subsequent student referendum held in accordance with the appropriate student governmental and University policies, unless other means are explicitly provided in this ballot language.

Pro Statement Con Statement

VOTE YES on extending this student-driven program to provide transportation for all students! Transportation is ESSENTIAL to maintaining access to and from campus for ALL undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. This referendum was written by students for students and based directly on student feedback supporting the extension of the U-Pass transportation program.


  • CONTINUED USE of public transportation services in San Diego County
  • A Regional Pass with EXPANDED ACCESS to any MTS or NCTD bus and light rail route in the San Diego region for the next 6 years
  • Unlimited use of the SAN DIEGO TROLLEY, including when the service is extended to campus
  • Commitment to IMPROVING service & student feedback to MTS & NCTD especially most used routes such as 201/202, 150, 101, 30, 41
  • Establishment of student oversight - NO CHANGES WITHOUT OUR CONSENT
  • NO MORE STICKER HASSLES! The pass will be distributed through a mobile app. If needed, stickers will be available for unique circumstances.

If this vote fails:

  • Students will have no say in our transportation services
  • Without a bus program, more students will drive to campus - PARKING LOTS WILL BE MORE CROWDED
  • When using MTS services, students will either pay per RIDE at $2.25 or have to purchase individual passes. College passes in San Diego are $57.60 per MONTH and ranging from $169-$186 per SEMESTER at other colleges.
  • Students will need to PAY TO RIDE THE TROLLEY when it begins servicing the campus at $2.50 per RIDE
  • Over 10,000 students that depend on buses WILL NOT HAVE A BUS PROGRAM

This fee increase facilitates access to campus for all undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. VOTE YES to extend the U-Pass program and support affordable transportation options for all students!

An approval of this transportation referendum would be a HUGE MISTAKE for the student body. 55% of students DO NOT SUPPORT increasing the cost of the UPASS (2017 Student Survey). ONLY 15% of this campus uses bus transit. VOTE NO!


  • Increase the number of busses available or decrease wait times for bus lines like the 201, and the 202.
  • Provide a UPASS for students enrolled in summer sessions.
  • Affect construction of the LIGHT RAIL (LRT) or any construction projects


  • INCREASE STUDENT FEES by over $200 over the next six years (almost 1/3 of the current student fees we pay)
  • FORCE ALL students to pay for services that 1/5 of students use for their daily transportation
  • The REAL INCREASE would be $17.52 (through 2025) due to the price inflator


  • ALLOW STUDENT CHOICE regarding the transit options they use
  • Allow for a deal with MTS to be negotiated more in favor of students, providing better service and allowing more options

YOUR REJECTION of this referendum is critical for ensuring student voice is heard and that the ability of students to CHOOSE the transportation programs they want is placed above everything else. With new parking structures (~5000 spaces by 2021) and an LRT system being built, students NEED TO BE ABLE TO CHOOSE what types of transportation they pay for. Due to increased enrollment MTS has already received almost $1 MILLION in annual revenue increases since the last referendum. Students are not a cash cow to be milked by MTS. Ask yourself: WOULD YOU BE WILLING TO PAY 20% more for the SAME WAIT TIMES AND LONG LINES? I know I wouldn’t. (Sourced: SD MTS, UCSD Transportation ‘17 Student Survey and WI Cordon Count, UCSD Campus Planning)
Rebuttal To Pro Statement Rebuttal To Con Statement


If this vote is approved:

  • Students will be CHARGED MORE for the same services
  • 100% of students will be SUBSIDIZNG a minority of bus users
  • The student “oversight” has virtually NO POWER it is ADVISORY ONLY, MTS and NCTD will change things as they see fit

  • The ability to REEVALUATE a bus program when the LRT is completed in 3 years
  • Students have a CHOICE in the transportation options they use
VOTE NO! Imagine how many UBERS/LYFTS you could take for $200. This is a blatant FEE INCREASE with NO BENEFIT for the MAJORITY of students.
Voting no would mean cancelling an extremely popular service! Last year >70% of students enrolled in the program and took over 1.6 million rides.

This is a vote to extend a successful program for only $11/quarter. A small increase was necessary to pay for the coming light rail, and MTS is required to respond to increasing demand. The 1.5% inflation increase is the same as the current program, and summer students are exempt from the fee.

This fee is only about 1% of the total fees and tuition and provides incredible value for all students. VOTE YES for sustainable transportation options!