International and Out of State Student Food Security Webinar

By Senator Abby Rollison for All Campus

Project Description

This event will be a collaboration between the AS Out-of-State Senator, ISPO, and the Calfresh team at the Basic Needs Hub. We will be hosting a webinar covering how out of state students can sign up for Calfresh or their local SNAP program, ISPO's iTable food assistance program for international students, and campus-specific resources such as the Triton Food Pantry and Food Recovery Network. There will also be an opportunity drawing for students who attend this virtual event.


The event will be held Week 7 on Tuesday, February 16th at 4pm
Registration Link:

Project Goals

Connect out of state and international students with food security resources at UCSD including Calfresh SNAP benefits, iTable, and all-campus resources like the Triton Food Pantry. 

Project Budget