All-Campus Virtual Game Night

By Senators Harper Estus , Chitra Kulkarni for All Campus

Project Description

The All-Campus Virtual Game Night is a collaborative event with other commuter organizations and college commuter representatives. This event will have game rooms hosted by commuter student leaders for off-campus students to join and meet other students in. It is hoped that through this outreach to the off-campus student population that some students find interest in joining a commuter org, becoming a commuter representative, and/or find interest in AS.

The All-Campus Virtual Game Night is taking place April 16 from 5-6:30 pm, zoom link: There will be an opportunity drawing for students who attend this virtual event.

Project Goals

  • Increase connection between commuter organizations, college commuter representatives, and Associated Students
  • Collaborative outreach with commuter organizations and college commuter organizations to the Off-Campus population
  • Provide a space for Off-Campus students to meet and find community

Project Budget