TMC Student Councils Orientation Video

By Senators Ashley Jones , Ingyun Park for Marshall

Project Description

This project is a video depicting what student councils are at UCSD and how Marshall students can get involved. It will be used in not only this year's TMC orientation modules, but can be reused again for orientations to come. The video goes into what TMCSC and AS are, how student fees are spent, and how to get involved in student government on campus.

Here's the link to the video itself:

Project Goals

The major goal of this project is to bring awareness of the various student councils to all incoming first year and transfer Marshall students. We want to make sure that incoming students know that they have student representatives, how their student fees are spent, and how they can get involved in student activism through TMCSC and AS. Through this video, we also hope to share the resources student councils provide with incoming students. 

Project Budget