Transportation FAQ (Undergraduates & Graduates)

The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System has a bunch of updates for 2018.


Student parking can be purchased in lots of different forms from daily permits ($4) to annual permits ($780). To view your options visit UCSD Transportation.

Students can park for just $3 per day at the Gliderport/P386 and P782 with the Parkmobile app. Learn more.

Parking at SIO (lots P001-P016) requires a special endorsement sticker issued to faculty, staff, and students affiliated with SIO. Learn more about which lots require special endorsement stickers at

Parking availaibity is posted online at While student parking often felt full, there was consistent parking availability in remote lots last school year. Use the information published on the parking availability page and have a backup plan for when parking isn’t available in your preferred lot. Remember, if you’re in a rush, it’s often faster to park remotely and shuttle in than circle the parking lot with hopes of a close-in space opening.

If you have a mobility impairment that requires you to park closer to your destination, a state-issued accessible parking placard is your best resource. Additional options may be available for individuals with temporary disabilities. Intracampus transportation services may also be available. Learn more on the Office for Students with Disablities website

In most cases, parking for graduate housing is administered by Housing, Dining, and Hospitality. Learn more in their resident handbook

While the University is committed to reducing the environmental and social impact of commuting, we recognize that there are no one size fits all solutions. We’re continuing to build parking structures that add to parking inventory in the near term and consolidate parking supply for the long term.

Visit: and choose Parking, then Faculty, Staff, Student to see specific map selections. Also, updates to parking lot space allocation designations change throughout the year, please check back for updates. Subscribe to parking updates on First to Know to recieve a heads up when parking space allocations change for the areas where you park most frequently.

Yes – the campus will start the school year with 750 more parking stalls than there were at the end of spring quarter and parking capacity is expanded for every permit type.

Students have historically prioritized affordability over proximity. Fully satisfying student parking demand in the central campus would significantly increase the cost of student parking permits.

Yes. This was a temporary condition. Staff spots that were temporarily relocated to Hopkins are now in the Osler Parking Structure.

Although it is often in parking areas at the campus perimeter, S parking typically has the most excess capacity.

Different campus populations have different travel patterns. Central campus parking lots all fill at some point during the day. Historically, S parking continues to be available throughout the day in shuttle lots.

Parking does not receive financial support from the state or from tuition and fees. Parking fees must fund parking operations, debt on parking facilities, and other transportation programs including campus shuttles.

You may appeal a citation online at A printable form is also available at if you prefer to mail, fax, or email your appeal.

Appeals typically take up to 14 business days for a decision to be made. It is your responsibility to inquire your appeal status if you aren’t notified of a decision within this time frame.

While an appeal is submitted and under review, no late fees will be added to your citation. It is your responsibility to ensure that your appeal was properly received and is still under review.

MTS Buses

The U-Pass Cloud App and mobile ticketing is available to eligible enrolled students, visit: The U-Pass is your MTS transit fare for the year, also known as your bus pass. The student U-Pass is valid on regional bus and Trolley services. Students collectively fund the U-PASS program and contract with regional transit providers for service.

Visit for details. Download the Compass Cloud Mobile App on your smartphone and create an account using your UCSD email ( U-Pass ticket in the app becomes available approx. 2 hours after account set-up; valid for use starting 9/17/18 for eligible enrolled Fall 2018 students.

You can download and register the app at any time. If the U-PASS fee has been charged to your student account and you have registered the Compass Cloud app using your UCSD email address, your U-PASS will automatically be loaded into your app and available for use on September 17th, 2018.

No. You are automatically opt-in to the mobile Cloud App, the new bus pass. If a sticker is obtained you become ineligible for using the App. If you do not have access to smartphone for use of the App, complete an online application for exemption and receive access to order a U-Pass ID Sticker for delivery by mail.

No, once you order the Bus Sticker you have to use it for the rest of the academic year. There is not a way to opt-in to the Mobile Cloud App once deactivated. Replacement sticker orders require completion of a form attesting to lost ID/sticker.

Once you have completed the exemption form and receive confirmation (one business day) you may order your sticker online as soon as September 14, 2018, for delivery by mail only.

If you do not have smartphone access to use the App, you may go to the the website: to complete an exemption form to become eligible for U-Pass Sticker for $5 fee. There is also a fee waiver option for exemptions with claim of financial hardship or disability. Once you make this sticker order, it will be mailed to your selected home address. Please Note: once you order a sticker you will no longer be eligible to use the U-Pass Mobile App for the rest of the school year.

Please come into the Gilman Parking Office with the unused Bus Sticker for further information.

It is your responsibility to have your pass available, therefore a dead phone needs to be charged or cash payment will be required. You may utilize the charging stations offered in the Price Center, as well as the USB charging port located on the INFO board at the Gilman Transit Center.

Please read the terms and conditions of the Exemption application/agreement at

UCSD Shuttles

Yes, visit online at: Note that while shuttle locations are accurate, arrival predictions are based on an algorithm that does not adjust for timepoints (where shuttles pause to reset the schedule). Timetables provide the schedule for bus departures and can be found at or posted at shuttle stops.

Fixed route shuttles operate Monday-Friday, excluding University holidays. Service may be reduced on some routes during academic breaks. For shuttle schedules visit

From replacing busses to improve reliability to hiring additional drivers, Transportation Services has been implementing a range of measures to reduce shuttle wait times. Students shuttling in from the Regents lots will find that arriving just a few minutes earlier can help avoid the lines that form just before classes start.

Students, faculty, and staff can ride free shuttles that serve campus, medical centers and key points off campus. Be prepared to show your campus ID to the driver upon request.

UC San Diego is a public university with a public service mission. When on campus, members of the public are presumed to be conducting university business and are welcome to ride the shuttles. Parents should exercise the same care and caution when traveling with children that would apply when riding other public, mass transit services.

Other Transportation

Students used U-Pass bus access to ride 3 million times last year to campus and to locations off campus. The campus has a robust in-house transit system, Triton Transit, and bikeshare program. Many people use Zipcar for occasional driving needs or ridehailing services like Lyft. Transportation Services helps students navigate University provided or contracted services and negotiates discounts with several private transportation providers. Learn more about your options on the Transportation Services website,

UC San Diego has an enterprise relationship with Lyft that provides discounts for the campus community. For current discounts and promotions, visit the Transportation Services website,

Zipcars are hourly car rentals with a fleet of nearly 20 vehicles on campus. Rates include fuel and insurance and are available to UC San Diego eligible drivers 18 years of age and older with current account.

Over the past several years we have expanded the campus fleet from 6 to nearly 20 vehicles, continued demand should provide opportunity for additional expansion.

First-time bike registrations cost $6, and $3 to renew. For students, online bike registrations will be offered for free from 9/22 - 9/30, only.

Spin is the University’s bikeshare partner. Students can borrow a bike for just $.50 (up to a 30 minute ride) and bikes can be picked up and left almost anywhere on campus. For frequent riders, unlimited ride subscriptions are available. Visit to learn more.

Wearing a helmet is encouraged in all of these cases. Helmets may be required for riders under 18 years of age for both bicycles and scooters and for everyone on electric scooters. Legislation that could affect helmet requirements is currently being considered. Please follow current California and local laws.